365 Days of Ted

For 365 days I will be watching a Ted talk and writing a 500 word post about what lessons I have learnt from that video. You can read all about why I am doing this below or skip ahead and just see the complete list of posts here

365 days of ted

Why am I doing this?

Earlier this month I decided to set myself a challenge and watch and write about Ted talks each and every day for next 365 days. I love the format for Ted talks. Short and sweet at around 20 minutes – it’s the perfect length to fit into my day. I am hoping to complete this challenge first thing in the morning. That way I can start each day off with a sense of accomplishment.  I am challenging myself to watch 365 Ted talks for two very different reasons.

365 days of ted talk

Reason #1 Ted talks will expose me to people from different walks of life.

I love watching videos from people from all walks of life who have a different point of view to offer, a perspective which I may not have ever thought of,  or one which doesn’t necessarily align with my own.   For the most part, no Ted talk has ever left me empty handed. Even if all I picked up from a talk was a new tidbit of knowledge, it was well  worth the 15 minutes. However I don’t really watch as many Ted talks as I would like to. I go through phases where I might have a heavy Ted talk day, but then months pass without me watching a single video.

I am interested to see what effect, if any, will watching Ted videos on a consistent daily basis  have on my life.

  • Will my thinking be different after a year?
  • Will I remain largely unchanged?
  • Will the Ted talks impact different areas of my life? Only time will tell.

I will also try and implement what I have learnt from Ted talks  into my business and personal life and I will post updates on this.

Reason #2  Watching and writing about Ted talks each day will help me pick up a writing habit

I have decided to combine my love of Ted Talks with writing as a way to help me keep on track with my new goal-  daily writing. Each day, for the next 365 days,  I will watch and write about one Ted talk.   It won’t necessarily be the most recent Ted talk, but whatever Ted talk I feel like watching on that particular day.  I believe in letting the subject matter gravitate towards me. I am particularly excited by the fact that a year for now, if I keep on track, I will not only have achieved my commitment to write content each day, but if each post on a Ted talk is a minimum of 500 words, in 365 days this blog would have over 182000 words!

Another reason is that I need to get over my issue with public speaking, an issue that stemmed from an awful public speaking episode at university. I am hoping that by watching and studying 365 Ted speakers that I will pick up some tips and maybe get confident enough to be able not to freak out when I have to speak and public and maybe…just maybe …start a podcast some day. Watch this space!

So there you have it. That’s my motive for my 365 days of Ted talk. Please let me know if you  have a suggestion for a Ted talk that I haven’t already watched. I would love for you to join me on this journey and watch and comment on the Ted talks with me.

  • http://loulouzoo.com.au/ Kristy @ Loulou Zoo

    I love this idea and I love Ted Talks…so looking forward to it!!!

    • http://www.facebook.com/websiteconfetti WConfetti

      Thanks Kristy for your support! Really appreciated!