365 Days of Ted

365 days of ted

For 365 days I will be watching a Ted talk and writing a 500 word post about what lessons I have learnt from that video. You can read all about why I am doing this below or skip ahead and just see the complete list of posts here Why am I doing this? Earlier this month I decided to set myself a challenge and watch and write about Ted talks each and every day for next 365 days. I love the format for Ted talks. Short and sweet at around 20 minutes - it's the perfect length to fit into my day. I am hoping to complete this challenge first thing in the morning. That way I can start each day off with a sense of accomplishment.  I am challenging myself to watch 365 Ted talks for two very different reasons. Reason #1 Ted talks will expose me to people from different walks of life. I love watching videos from people from all walks of life who have a different point of view to offer, a perspective which I may not have ever thought of,  or … [Read more...]

Did I just get blackmailed by my VA?

Late last year I went though a horrible experience with an online contractor.   I hired this person through one of the major freelance websites. This post is a cautionary tale of what can go wrong when working with virtual assistants, what red flags I missed and what I should have done differently to ensure a more positive experience. Day #1 I had recently launched  an online shop using the Magneto platform.  The site had been live for a couple of days when I had a customer email me about a technical problem they were experiencing whilst using the online the checkout. Unfortunately I was not able to   troubleshoot the error myself so I posed the job on the freelance website in the hope of finding someone to fix the issue urgently. Fortunately the site was still able to accept Paypal payments but the credit card facility was down. In my job description I posted the exact error message that the website was generating and also mentioned … [Read more...]

Scarcity selling – what is it, why it works and how it caused one woman to loose her fingertips

what is scarcity selling - website confetti

We have all seen it many times before. Scarcity marketing tactics  on sales pages warning us that if we don’t buy right now the price will double, if not triple by the time we make our purchase. This post will explore some common types of scarcity selling. What is scarcity selling? Scarcity selling is a marketing technique presented in a way that is causes a sense of urgency. This could be by limiting the quantity of products on sale or by temporarily lowering the price for  product or services. Examples of scarcity selling Scarcity selling can be presented to potential sellers in various form.  Here are a few of the more popular ways that scarcity selling is marketing today. Limited time discount  Limited time discounts are all around us in both the real bricks and mortar businesses and in the online world business. The one which most consumers will identify with is being offered a discount price that has a limited time span.   … [Read more...]

Do you use scarcity to market? Careful, it could backfire

why your scarcity selling could backfire

If you don't read this post within the next five minutes it will self-destruct. Limited time offer to read this post by midnight tonight before I hit delete. If you haven't already guessed this post is all about scarcity selling, otherwise known as limited time offers . Scarcity selling is a marketing strategy taking the online business world by storm. It's not new.  It's not reinventing the wheel but for many consumers it's irresistible to pass up on.  In this post I am going to discuss why this marketing  technique can sometimes backfire and loose potential sales not only in the moment but for any future reoccurring sales. A few months ago I received a sales email  informing me of a new subscription membership site.  The product was  from a company that had a long-standing solid reputation in the online business world. I had previously subscribed to their list as I was, and continue to be, generally interested about what new … [Read more...]