Today I met a mechanic who will never get my business.

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This post is a little ranty, unscheduled, unplanned but I just needed to vent. Let me set the scene.  I was leaving the supermarket today with my arms weighed down with shopping bags. I was very much aware that one of the bags had been overfilled and could burst open at any second.    The weather was well above 30 degree celsius and the humidity was packing a real bite.     All I wanted to do was get home, drink some super chilled ice water and play day one’s recordings from Social Media Summit. Not too much to ask right?  What I didn’t anticipate was a mechanic lurking around the car park  spruiking his $50 car servicing deal. He didn’t even wait for me to unload my groceries before he started bombarding me with his sales pitch.  Did he really think I was a potential lead? $50 for a car service? Can I have that in writing. Firstly let’s get real. There’s no way that the service would end up costing just $50. He knew that. I knew … [Read more...]

Day 37: Why failure and success are kind of the same.

Do you have a fear of failure? How about a fear of success? Ted talk  "Success, failure and the drive to keep creating" is all about the parallels between being wildly successful and a struggling artist. Elizabeth Gilbert of being a writer post Eat,Pray,Love This is not Elizabeth's first Ted talk.   On day 25  I wrote a blog post about  Elizabeth's first Ted talk.  In this Ted talk Elizabeth was on the tail-end of the huge promotional blitz  surrounding the Hollywood movie that was based on her popular novel Eat, Pray, Love. In that talk Elizabeth candidly shared her fears and realisations that everyone was expecting all her future work to fail. She knew that she probably would never replicate the success of Eat,Pray, Love, and that put her in a very vulnerable position - should she even continue writing. Elizabeth found a way to make peace with her situation and it mainly had to do with how she defines creativity as not being a … [Read more...]

Day 36: Meet Caleb Meakins, the expert in failure

crush fear of failure

We have all experienced it from time to time. That feeling in the pit of your stomach that spreads into your entire being making you numb. It can stop us from doing the things that we want to do, meeting the people who we want to meet and visiting the places that we want to see. What is it? It’s fear of failure which is also this week’s theme for 365 Days of Ted.  Tedx speaker Caleb Meakins is the self-titled 'expert in failure' and shares his stories  about how he created the 40 Days of Rejection to help overcome his own fear of failure and rejection. What would you do if you couldn't fail? When Caleb Meakins finished his degree he decided to start a business. His business idea had previously won him a Social Enterprise Award at his university and with his entrepreneurial spirit intact he decided to see the year out after graduating  to launch his business. His fellow students had different ideas. Some were going to travel.  Others … [Read more...]

Day 35: Are you gritty? Your success depends on it

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Are you living your life like it’s a marathon or a sprint? Ted speaker Angela Lee Duckworth has a message to share about the “key to success” and that is that success is not determined by I.Q but by that unique trait that some are born with and others develop over time - grit. What exactly is grit? Today’s blog post is a response to how I am feeling in this moment. Not wanting to break the chain I write today’s post in the midst of feeling quite frankly awful. My head hurts my body is overcome with some pretty serious fatigue. I feel like I am having a hangover, despite not having had a drink for weeks. Every part of my being wants to rest my head on a pillow and check out for the day, but there is a little voice inside my head, a voice that is being suffocated slightly by the Sandman who wants to bring me pleasant dreams, and that tiny voice that is struggling to get through is called grit. It’s hanging on by a thread today but … [Read more...]