Day 10: 3 Key points I learned from watching Andy Puddicombe’s ted talk “All it takes is 10 mindful minutes”

in the moment

Following on from yesterday's post about The power of sleep, former Buddhist monk Andy Puddicombe delivers a Ted talk about the importance of incorporating mindfulness into our everyday lives. 3 Key points I learned from watching Andy Puddicombe's ted talk "All it takes is 10 mindful minutes" 1. Are you looking after your mind? Early on the presentation Andy challenges the audience to recall the last time they spent 10 minutes 'simply doing nothing.' This means 10 minutes of not talking to anyone or watching the Tv. Not being online not and  even thinking about the past or planning for the future. Personally I honestly cannot remember the last time I had 10 minutes of doing nothing, even when I am not physically doing anything my mind is planning the day and week ahead!  We rely on our minds to help us in every area of our lives from  our problem-solving skills to fulfilling our emotional needs, yet for many of us we spend more … [Read more...]

Day 9: Why Arianna Huffington’s believes sleep is the key to success

Sleeping beagle dog

What do sleep and productivity have to with each other? Well if you ask Arianna Huffington the two are significantly connected and crucial to each other. Arianna tells us a story about the defining moment in her life that led her onto a path of sleep research and discovery.   My 3 key takeaways on Arianna Huffington's Ted Talk  "How to succeed? Get more sleep" 1. Learn to value  sleep before you are faced with symptoms of exhaustion What kicked off Arianna's research into sleep discovery is an episode of sleep deprivation and exhaustion that caused her to faint and hit her head on her desk breaking her cheekbone and causing her to require 5 stitches on her right eye.  Ouch! This incident gave Arianna have a new found appreciation for the value of sleep.  How many of us can relate to overworking ourselves till the point our body wont take it any more? I need to heed Arianna's advice.  I have had episodes of exhaustion … [Read more...]

Day 08: Living beyond limits

Amy Purdy - Living Beyond Limits

Live beyond limits

Amy Purdy - Living Beyond Limits If today’s talk doesn't inspire you I don’t know what will.  11 years ago Amy was stuck down with meningitis and lost both her legs. Life as she knew itwould never ever be the same.   In this talk Amy talks about the challenges she faces and the pivotal moment that helped her to live beyond her limitations. Amy's message 11 years ago life as Amy knew it changed. A blood infection mean that she fell seriously ill with a 2% chance or survival. Amy survived but life would never be the same again and for months she lay in bed with her prosthetic legs beside her mourning the life she once knew. The pivotal moment for her came when Amy realised that the only way forward was to let go of the Amy she knew. Clinging onto the former reality of her life would mean she would be forever stuck in this limbo - she needed to let go of the past and embrace the 'new Amy.' The one thing that really stuck out for me … [Read more...]

Day 07: David Steindl-Rast: Want to be happy? Be grateful

Be happy

To finish up on my first week of my 365 Days of Ted challenge I decided to watch a Ted talk with a simple message - be grateful. Delivered by  Brother David Steindl-Rast a monk and interfaith scholar his speaks in a calming manner and raises awareness of some common truths that sometimes gets lost in the everyday moments of chaos. What's the talk about? David starts off his talk with one universal truth - everyone wants to be happy.  Everyone may have their own interpretation of what that happiness means to them and everyone will have different ways of finding their happiness, but nonetheless the pursuit of happiness is something that binds us all.  David reveals the secret to happiness, which is simply being grateful for what you have and adopting grateful living into your life.  David points out situations when people who have a lot of hardship and misfortune in their lives still seem to radiate happiness. Why? Simply put, … [Read more...]

Day 06: Mel Robbins: F— YOU – How To Stop Screwing Yourself Over

Living on autopilot

Continuing on with my accidental theme month of covering motivational  Ted talks, today blog post is about lessons I learned from watching Mel Robbins 'Tedx talk  F--- YOU - How To Stop Screwing Yourself Over.'   Core Message Mel Robbins offers a straight-talking tough love presentation that at times makes you feel guilty for not reaching your full potential. The meat of her talk is that if you are not living   your life the way you want to be living your life, the blame should be put squarely on your own shoulders. If you are feeling stuck then there is really no excuse for not taking action and pushing through those feelings. Mel says that if you need guidance find out someone who is where you want to be right now  and follow their steps. We live in such an amazing digital age that gives us access to free tools, blueprints, documentation and  knowledge, so if we doing a little research d we can easily find the resources … [Read more...]

Day 05: Tania Luna: How a penny made me feel like a millionaire

Happy child blowing dandelion

Todays Ted talk is by a woman called Tania Luna. Tania talks about how finding a penny in the United States made her feel like a millionaire .  A traumatic incident at an early age shaped the way that Tania would forever perceive the world.  When tania was just 1 years old she spent 9 months in hospital after the Chernobyl accident in the Ukraine. Her family were also affected - her sisters hair fell out in clumps. The silver lining came when   Tania was 6 years old and  her family were given asylum in the United States due to the accident. The experience Tania had in her short 6 years made her view America with wonderment. On Tania's very first day in New York she found a penny and bought herself some bazooka bubblegum - she felt like a millionaire .  Years later when  Tania finds a bag full of stuffed toys in the trash and she feels as if she has won the jackpot - she has never owned that many toys combined in her entire … [Read more...]

Day 04: Don’t Eat The Marshmallow by Joachim de Posado

day 4 dont eat the marshmallow

For day 4 I picked Joachin de Posada’s Ted Talk Don’t eat the marshmallow!.  This talk discusses a landmark experiment that involved a group of kids and marshmallows. The kids were giving a very simple task, don’t eat the marshmallow that was sitting right in front of them. If they were able to not eat the marshmallow for   15 minutes they would  be rewarded with  two marshmallows instead of one.  It's a lot harder than it sounds, especially if you are a 4 year old with a sweet tooth! If you need to get the context right try substituting a  marshmallow with a good cup of coffee and a 4 year old with an adult, preferably one with a caffeine addiction. So how many kids do you think ate the marshmallow? Not surprisingly 2 out of 3 kids ate the marshmallow. To be honest I used to work in a lolly shop so I was expecting all the kids to succumb to the temptation. The footage of the marshmallow study is in the video below,  so make sure you … [Read more...]

Day 03: Ted speaker Paul Piff believes money makes you mean.

does money make you mean

For Day #3 of 365 Days of Ted I decided to watch a Ted talk by a psychologist called Paul Piff. The presentation ‘Does money make you mean?’ gets into the issue of how people act when they feel wealthy.   I wanted to watch this particular talk because  I am sucker for anything that has to do with psychology and social behavior. The talk starts off with Paul telling a story about a recent experiment he conducted that rigged a game of Monopoly. That alone is pretty risky - Monopoly can bring out the worst in people without the rigging! There were two monopoly players and one player was  given more money to begin with and some extra perks. The other player was dealt the standard money given and got no perks at all. Watching the clips of the monopoly players the interesting thing to observe is how the rich players got cockier the more wealthier they became. At first when they realised they had more cash they started boasting slightly, … [Read more...]

Day 02: Do you know the six needs of your customers? A post inspired by Tony Robbin’s Ted talk

six human needs

I have read Tony Robbins on and off over the last few years. I first picked up his personal power cassette tapes at a secondhand  book festival four years ago.  Fortunately at the time I was driving an Magna that still had the original car radio complete with a cassette tape player.  I quickly learnt that cassette tapes are so awkward when it comes to trying to find certain points to relisten to… but I digress.  These Anthony Robbins tapes for me was a gamer changer as it sparked an interest within me about  personal development and human behaviour .  Considering most of Tony Robbins talks are hours long I was interested to see what Tony considered was the core message from his talks to include in a heavily condensed 22 minute Ted talk. This Ted talk was basically an extract of Tony's core teaching, a teaser for his programs.  The key take away for me was his very brief discussion of what Tony calls the 6 basic human needs. … [Read more...]

Day 01: Incentives kill creativity. A Ted talk by Dan Pink that changed the way I think.

Free thinking leads to innovation

Today is my first day on  my self-imposed 365 days of Ted talks challenge and to mark the occasion I decided to kick off this journey with a great video  by Dan Pink titled ‘The Puzzle of Motivation.’  As someone who can struggle with motivation at times it seemed like a great video to kickstart this journey and put me into the right headspace.  The core of this video is about motivation, problem solving skills and whether or not reward based incentives are as successful as society would have us believe. Dan uses the candle problem, which was  created by Karl Duncker some 70 years ago, to discuss the pros and cons of reward based incentives. What is the Candle Problem? Challenge: Fix a lit candle onto the wall making sure that no candle wax will be able to drip onto the table below. Items:  One candle One box of thumbtacks One box of matches Experiment #1 Dan talks about an experiment run by Sam Glucksberg from … [Read more...]