Day 116: Please don’t take my Air Jordans!

Continuing on with my "Poetry Slam" theme for my 365 Days of TED challenge is a TED performance by spoken-word artist Lemon Anderson. After I watched Lemon's TED talk all I kind think of was wow, just wow. He performed the piece "Please don't take my Air Jordans" by Reg E. Gaines with such emotion that it brought the story to life. … [Read more...]

Day 115: A skateboard with a boost

In 2013¬†Sanjay Dastoor, founder of Boosted Boards, used his time at TED to talk about electric transportation, more specifically electric skateboards. I'm not really a skateboarding type of girl. I lie. I did have a classic TMNT skateboard as a kid which I loooved - it had flashing lights and everything! Sanjay's skateboard is a little more progressed than my retro skateboard. It's lighter than a bicycle, it's electric and can be plugged into a wall socket for 15 minutes to charge it up to give it enough power to travel at 30 kms per her (20 milers per hour) It's a definite step up from my ninja turtles skateboard!   … [Read more...]

Day 113: Emotional Correctness

Emotional correctness. What the heck is that? I have heard of political correctness but emotional correctness? Do we need another form of correctness? Sally Kohn thinks so and her TED talk "Let's talk emotional correctness" she explains why. Sally kicks off her TED talk by sharing a rather poignant truth for her, the better she does her job the more people hate her. What's her occupation? Sally says her role as "a gay talking head on Fox News" has made her the target for hate mail. Really vile hate mail. One would understand if this made Sally bitter and twisted but she has actually got a pretty profound lesson from it. "We spend so much time talking past each other and not enough time talking through our disagreements, and if we can start to find compassion for one another, then we have a shot at building common ground." How true is that! Sally uses the example that when a person might say they hate immigrants she tries to … [Read more...]

Day 111: Change your life by eating better

I am writing today's instalment of 365 Days of Ted on the first day of a new year. Today is a day when typically new years resolutions will be made with good intentions, promise and hope. One of those resolutions might be to take better care of yourself and eat better. It's probably one of the better promises which you can make for yourself but one that can be the hardest, which is why I chose this particular Ted talk by Dean Ornish 'The killer American diet that's sweeping the planet' a 3 minute clip sharing the benefits of a healthier diet. What did you think of Dean's TED talk? Is eating healthier a part of your New Year's resolution. Share your thoughts in the comment box below. … [Read more...]

Day 110: The power of believing that you can improve

Ted speaker Carol Dweck's Ted talk "The power of believing that you can improve" is all about the simple notion that having a growth mindset is the key to improving one's self. A powerful message when you need a little motivational boost. Carol kicks off her Ted talk with a story about a high school in Chicago where students grades were worded differently. Like most schools, the students in this high school needed to pass certain subjects to graduate. The students who failed certain courses were graded 'Not Yet.' It's still essentially a non-pass but worded as not-yet allows room for growth and possibility and it also implies that there will be a 'yet' there will a pass in the future. Personally, I think that this is such a productive way at looking at fails. The word fail has such a bad rap, but 'not yet' is filled with hope and opportunity, so the next time you don't make that grade or succeed in some way, remember you didn't … [Read more...]

Day 118: All animals are the same

Frans Lanting shares a profound story about the connection between humans and animals. Through his stunning photographs he teaches us that we need to shed the genetic makeup and appreciate the common connection that we share with all living beings. Life can be pretty chaotic that sometimes I think we loose sight of just how amazing the animal kingdom is. ¬†TED talks like Fran's one reminds us of this face.   … [Read more...]

day 112: How to make up new words

Ted speaker Erik McKean is a lexiographer with an odd request First things first, what the heck is a lexicographer? A lexicographer is a person that compiles a dictionary. Erin is quick to point out that she doesn't decide what the meaning of a word is - that's everyone else's job and she goes as far to say that we should "Go ahead, make up new words!" We create new music, new art and invent things all the time so why not create new words asks Erin? I can think of one reason why this can be tricky. Sure I can come up with a new word in this very moment, but how on Earth am I going to let everyone know about it? Should their be a "new words" memo that needs to be sent out each day? Of course if you are the creator of The Big Bang Theory all it takes is a popular character dropping catchphrase -bazinga! How to make up new words If you do decide to make up a new word (or words) Erin has put together a list of six tips to make up new … [Read more...]