Day 258: Magical homes built with bamboo

Day 258- magical homes built with bamboo

Imagine being a young child and  being asked by your mum to draw a picture of your dream home.  What would you draw?  Think about it for a moment - let your mind really wander into your childhood’s  imagination. Can you see it? What does it look like?  TED speaker Elora Hardy was asked that very same question by her mother when she was just nine years old. What was her answer?  A fairy mushroom home and guess what? Her mother built her that very home. That's kind of amazing right? Grown up Elora is now building "Magical houses, made of bamboo." In her TED talk Elora shows us some images of homes made out of bamboo.  They are pretty amazing. Before watching this talk, I read the transcript. I do this sometimes when I want a quick overview of the TALK before actually watching it. The images I conjured up in my mind did not compare to the reality of these homes. I was not imagining a six-storey home in Bali that looked so exquisite. All … [Read more...]

Day 92: “Should you donate differently?” asks Ted speaker Joy Sun?

Day 92- -Should you donate differently-- asks Ted speaker Joy Sun

Ted speaker and veteran aid worker Joy Sun thinks that we should rethink the way we donate money. In her Ted talk “Should you donate differently?” she shares alternative ways to help the poor. Joy Sun, had an epiphany ten years into her work as a veteran aid worker. Rather than help the poor by putting money into projects such as training and school, why not redistribute that money as cold hard cash into the hands of the poor themselves? Until that moment, Joy held two assumptions Poor people are poor in part due to lack of education and make bad choices. The poor need people such as veteran aid workers to help make decisions for them and get them what they need. Condescending? Well yes, but if you think about it, and I hadn’t before just now,  I think that western society is actually really guilty of thinking that we need to be the decision makers for the less fortunate countries. Unconditional Giving Joy now supports … [Read more...]

Day 89: This Ted speaker packed nothing for TedActive but 7 pairs of undies

Ted Speaker Jessie Arrington quote compiled by website confetti

Don’t you hate packing for holidays and conferences? I certainly do. Regular readers might remember that  I have posted about my clothes packing dilemmas before. That’s why I think designer Jessi Arrington is one brave woman. She packed nothing in her suitcase for TedActive except for 7 pairs of undies! Jessi Arrington never buys new clothing, but she is “outfit-obsessed”. She buys all her clothing from second-hand stores. She arrived in Palm Springs for her TedActive talk with nothing in her suitcase but undies as she trusted once she arrived she would be able to buy some second hand clothes and create some unique outfits. She uses her Ted talk “Wearing nothing new” to share images of her newly found 7 outfits and also shares some life lessons that she has stumbled upon whilst wearing nothing new. 7 Life lessons learned from wearing nothing new according to Jessie Arringto 1. You don’t need to spend a lot of money to look … [Read more...]

Day 83: Have you stopped and looked at the clouds today?

Day 83- Have you stopped and looked at the clouds today-

Can I ask you something? When was the last time that you looked up at the clouds?  I am not talking about a quick glance upwards to check the rain status.  No, I mean the last time that you really just looked up to appreciate the beauty of the clouds. Gavin Pretor-Pinney, founder of the  Cloud Appreciation Society, thinks that clouds are unfairly  used for a doom and gloom metaphor and has decided to uses his Ted talk to show us some pictures to change the perception. Are clouds really used as a metaphor for doom? When someone is depressed “they’re under a cloud” when bad news is approaching “there’s a cloud on the horizon.”  Until I watched Gavin’s Ted talk I had never really thought about clouds as being seen as a bad thing. Then again until I watched Rives talk a few days ago I never thought that 4 a.m. was such a historical shorthand for bad things. A cloudy night at 4 a.m. must be really bad news then! Gavin says that … [Read more...]

Day 79: Can we please rebrand 4 a.m. ?

Day 79- I think we need to rebrand 4 a.m by website confetti

Have you ever noticed that 4am is the one hour of the day that is most commonly associated with mishaps?  Ted speaker Rives certainly has and in his eight minute Ted talk “The 4 a.m. mystery” Rives  gives us some insight behind this enigma. The 4 a.m. shorthand Song lyrics, movies, authors, conversationalist and society must have all unanimously decided that 4 a.m would be shorthand for “inconveniences, mishaps and yearnings” says Rives. “For a time that I find to be the most placid and uneventful hour of the day, four in the morning sure gets an awful lot of bad press” When did this begin? Rives backs up this claim with a number of  examples, comic strips, historical events, paintings and even  a clip of The Simpsons all depicting four in the morning as this horrible time to be awake.   It really is fascinating when you actually think how often 4 a.m. is used to reference bad things. Rives also goes on to explain what he … [Read more...]

Day 72: Do you know that you are affected by online “filter bubbles” by Website Confetti

Day 72 Do you know that you are affected by online -filter bubbles- by Website Confetti

Did you know that if you and I searched for the exact same thing on Google right now we would probably get different results? We could be googling literally side by side and still get significantly different websites appear on our search results page. Why is that? Ted speaker Eli Pariser says that this has to do with online “filter bubbles" and it is affecting each and everyone of us whether we agree with it or not. What are online filter bubbles? Online filter bubbles are caused by algorithms. Okay that was no help, so what's an algorithm? An algorithm is a set of rules, a formula, used to determine the answer to a question.  Whenever you search for something on a search engine such as Google, it takes into consideration a whole bunch of things about your situation and then tailors your search results for you.  That tailored personalised search result is your online “filter bubble.”  Doesn’t sound so bad so far. What's the … [Read more...]

Day 71: Do you know these 10 time saving technology hacks?

Day 71 Time saving technology shortcuts

Ted speaker David Pogue wants you to know that you have been wasting your time with technology. It's true! Don't worry though, this isn’t an anti-technology post. I could never write a scathing post on technology. David kicks off his Ted talk with some food for thought; you need a licence for anything risky, driving a car or getting married, but not for owning technology. There’s no basic course or standard syllabus, we are just supposed to know this stuff. No licence - just jump right in! Okay so I am guessing that if you were born sometime after 1999 technology such as smart phones and fast internet are just part of the landscape for you. You probably had computers at school since kindy and you probably don't get the comparison. I on the other hand was born before 1999 so I understand what David is saying. Technology is this huge minefield and we are just thrown into the deep-end when we buy technology that often we only … [Read more...]

Day 70: Save the world with 1 paper towel

i didnt know that

A couple of weeks ago I published a post about how many of us were probably tying our shoelaces the wrong way. At the time I thought it was a very odd Ted talk, and questioned whether I was being punked. However, by the end of the video I got it, the shoelaces were just a metaphor, a quirky vehicle to share a message. Today's blog post is another one of those videos.  Ted speaker Joe Smith is on a mission, he wants us all to know the correct way to use a paper towel. Don't be greedy. One paper towel is plenty According to Joe we only need to use one paper towel to dry our hands, anything more is excessive consumption. Joe gets out a bucket of water and paper towel and demonstrates how easy it is to dry your hands with just one paper towel. It's all in the technique. I won't go into details, but the clip is only a couple of minutes long and Joe is an entertaining presenter, so it's well worth a quick watch. It's not really about … [Read more...]

Day 62: Have you had your lollipop moment yet?

Day 62-what-your-lollipop-moment (2)

What are your thoughts on leadership? Do you think that leadership is reserved for the special few Or can anyone actually be leaders?  Ted's speaker Drew Dudley think so and asks this  very revealing question to people all across the country, “how many of you are actually comfortable calling yourself a leader?” Turns out not many. In most audiences that Drew has asked this question to, the majority of people do not put up the hand. Why is that? Leadership is on a pedestal Well Drew thinks it's because we have taken the label of leadership and really put it on this pedestal. We have reserved the title of leadership for people making big changes in the world. This in turn makes us reluctant to call ourselves leaders as we fear coming across as arrogant an cocky. I can see that,  self-confessed leaders can usually come across as icky, yes I said icky, but I guess everyone has the right to appreciate their leadership moments and not … [Read more...]

Day 61: Before I day… A social experiment by Candy Chanf

Today's post continues on with my 365 Day of Ted theme week Challenge Your Thinking. Although keeping on theme, I am taking a different approach. So far I have published posts about reframing our perspective and approaching situations from different angles  but ultimately still ending up at the same in point.  Today's post is about looking inside of us to remind us of what is actually important and meaningful in life. For Ted speaker Candy Chang, this wake up call of remembering what's important in life and not getting caught up in the day today trivial moments that seem to make up the bulk of our lives, happened after a tragic event. Candy lost someone close to her, a mother figure. It was unexpected and three years later (at the time of the Ted talk) the emotion was still evidently raw for Candy. This unexpected and tragic event was followed by a long period of grief and depression, but also a sense of clarity about death. This … [Read more...]