Day 67: Talk nerdy to me

Talk nerdy to me. That is the simple message from Ted speaker Melissa Marshall that has inspired this instalment of the Art of Communication theme week for my 365 Days of Ted challenge.  Melissa’s message is aimed at scientists. She wants them to know that many people from the non-scientist populations are interested in whats happening in science today, so could you please explain it to us in a way which we will understand. Ditch the jargon, just speak in ordinary language Ever notice how so many words can be used to explain the exact same thing? I mean that’s the whole point of a thesaurus isn’t it? Jargon is a barrier to understanding science says Melissa. An example that she used to show how jargon isn’t needed to explain things is the words “spatial and temporal.”  Why not just use the words “space and time” she suggests. Don’t dumb it down Melissa is not asking scientist to talk to us in a dumbed down and patronising way. … [Read more...]

Day 51: The story of Mr Splashy Pants

Fightin' Mister Splashy logo designed by Alexia Ohanian

Alexis Ohanian co-founder of Reddit gives a brief 3 minute Ted talk on how to make a splash in social media and uses a case study involving Greenpeace to get his point across.  Greenpeace was trying to stop the Japanese government on their whaling campaign. One of the ways they were trying to do this was by putting a tracking chip in a humpback whale. Greenpeace decided to name the whale as  a way to brand this movement and raise awareness of the plights of humpback whales. What do you call a humpback whale? So what on Earth does someone call a humpback whale? Greenpeace turned to social media for inspiration and created a poll with some possible names  of ancient gods of the sea as Anahi, Kaimana. There was also another name which I am sure they didn’t bet on anyone voting for Mister Splashy Pants. Turns out someone at Reddit thought that it was a pretty good name and voted it up on the Reddit website. So did a whole bunch of … [Read more...]

Day 50: That 404 feeling

that 404 feeling by website confetti

Have you ever been browsing the web, minding your own business, when bam, a dreaded 404 page appears.  Annoyed you most likely navigate to back to the last page you visited and forget all about it.   Renny Gleeson’s Ted talk “404, the story of a page not found” is all about how we should not be wasting the opportunity of a 404 and instead, use it as a way to build a better relationship.  This post kicks off a brand  new theme week in 365 Days of Ted : Ted talks on marketing What is a 404 page A 404 page is the default error page that a website brings up when it can’t find what you are looking for.  The page you are looking for might have been moved or it could have been deleted all together. It's kind of like a nightclub bouncer refusing you entry. 404 pages suck I hate 404 pages. I mean really hate.  They are an interruption to my web browsing experience. I also hate how I feel punked every time I reach one of these pages.  I … [Read more...]

Day 46: The power of texting. A post inspired by Ted speaker Nancy Lublin

texting can save lives do something

Continuing on with my Amazing Humans series is a post about CEO of Do Something Nancy Lublin and he'd Ted talk “texting can save lives.” When Do Something changed their communication method to text messaging something extraordinary happened, teens texted back, and what they had to say changed the way the organisation operates.  It's about social change Do Something is a social change website inspiring youth to get involved in causes which they they are passionate about. The site is aimed at kids and teenagers and gives them a platform to be an activist for positive social change in their schools and community. Most of the causes are small easily tangible things that can be done in a short amount of time. That doesn’t mean that they don’t leave a big impact.  For example, one cause currently promoted on their front page is to make a birthday card to be distributed to a child living in a homeless shelter.  It might seem irrelevant … [Read more...]