Day 26: Do schools kill creativity? A Ted talk by Sir Ken Robinson

"Do schools kills creativity" is the most popular Ted talk of all time, yet up until this morning I could not bring myself to watch it. Why? Well the topic of school doesn't exactly yell out innovation, and just like the school homework that I would put off doing until I ran out of my places to metaphorically hide, I knew that I could no longer put off watching the Ted talk that has been watched 26 million times! What did I think? Wow. Just wow. Not only has Ken Robinson given me a whole new perspective on the school system- he also had me in fits of laughter. This guy is funny. I am now convinced that every Ted talk needs to have that layer of British humour added to it. Education kills creativity We are born creative says Robinson, but  during our school years our creativity is educated out of us.  One of the most striking comments that Ken made in his talk was that the kids who were starting school that year (this Ted talk was … [Read more...]

Day 25: “Your elusive creative genius” a Ted talk by Elizabeth Gilbert author of Eat, Pray, Love

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Who in their right mind  would want to be an artist today? Tortured, struggling - these are words often used to describe the artist.  It seems that somewhere along the ages society collectively made the decision that an artist would not be worth the canvas they paint on or the keyboard they type on unless they are enduring some kind of suffering. Elizabeth Gilbert, author of the famed novel Eat, Pray Love, challenges this portrayal of the artist in her Ted talk “Your elusive creative genius” Aren't you afraid you are never going to have any success? From the moment one sets out to be an artist the questions will begin from well meaning family and friends. "Aren't you afraid you are never going to have any success? Aren't you afraid the humiliation of rejection will kill you?" Aren't you afraid that the world will be taken over by zombies? Okay, so I made up that last one, but that was simply to highlight the absurdity  of asking … [Read more...]

Day 24: How Sting beat writers block – a musical Ted talk with an encore

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Imagine being a world renown singer-songwriter who has penned more award winning lyrics than you had ever dreamed possible. What would happen if one day the songs just dried up. The words stopped coming and what would follow is years of writers block? What would you do? For music legend Sting that was his living reality and  when the words stopped coming Sting knew he needed reclaim his missing muse, he just didn't expect it to be from the place he escaped. Sting’s Ted talk was different to most Ted talks I have watched and I am not referring to the several times he broke out in song with his guitar, although as a Sting fan that was definitely a bonus for me. What really made Sting’s Ted talk stand out was the  way it appeared that he was just simply telling a story between friends - captivating, engaging and honest. His story  took us on a journey through his humble beginnings as a boy living near "a shadow of a shipyard" to present … [Read more...]

Day 23: A Ted talk by Phil Hansen who found his creativity in the least expected place.

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Imagine being an artist with a  hand that won’t stop shaking. An artist whose life passion is pointillism,  creating art made up of thousands of tiny dots using a steady hand.   What would you do? Would you quit, give up and stop being an artist or would you make your limitations work for you? Day 23 of 365 Days of Ted is by Artist Phil Hansen who faced that very challenge. Question is - did he give up? Embrace the shake When Phil Hansen was in art school the unthinkable happened - he developed a tremor in his hand, nerve damage from spending years and years creating art made up of tiny, tiny dots. Initially Phil fought back. He held that pencil tighter and tighter until the pain got unbearable to the point that he was unable to hold anything. Defeated he dropped out of art school and gave up on art. For years art was no longer a part of Phil’s life, but like anyone with a true passion knows, you can’t simply hide away from what … [Read more...]