Day 100: What happens when bluegrass meets a Ted audience?

Brothers Robbie, Jonny, Tommy are in a band called Sleepy Man Banjo Boys and for their time with Ted they share two of their songs with the audience. Did I mention that at the time of recording these boys were 13, 14 and 10? Their talent will blow you away and leave you a little bit envious! I simply cannot believe it. It’s day 100 of my 365 Days of Ted challenge. In all honestly I was doubtful that I could maintain this daily writing habit. It hasn’t always been easy.  I've had some pretty nasty colds this years and some thumping migraines - not the best writing conditions, but I just wanted to see this challenge through.  It’s always been a privilege to watch these Ted talks and learn something new. It’s been an amazing journey, which at some point I will go into more detail about, but for now all I want to say is thank-you to all the Ted speakers who share their stories and insights. For today’s instalment of the challenge I … [Read more...]

Day 85: “The thing is, I stutter” An honest Tedx talk by Megan Washington

Day 85- “The thing is, I stutter” An honest Tedx  talk by Megan Washington

Continuing on in my 365 Days of Ted journey I decided to watch a Ted talk from my own soil - Australia. I watched a Tedx talk from Australian singer Megan Washington  who she shared a personal truth with the audience “The thing is, I stutter.” Although I have been following Megan’s music for a couple of years I had no idea that she had a speech impediment.  I have heard countless interviews and speeches from Megan in the past but never heard a hint of a stutter. Had she not done this Ted talk I and many of her fans would have been none the wiser. Finding new ways to communicate Megan found out when she was a child that when she sings the stutter is gone. Apparently it is impossible to stutter when you sing. Singing is a way of fluently communicating for Megan and a way for her to get a message exactly as she had intended. I have such an awesome new-found respect for Megan Washington. It could not have been easy to give a Ted … [Read more...]

Day 24: How Sting beat writers block – a musical Ted talk with an encore

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Imagine being a world renown singer-songwriter who has penned more award winning lyrics than you had ever dreamed possible. What would happen if one day the songs just dried up. The words stopped coming and what would follow is years of writers block? What would you do? For music legend Sting that was his living reality and  when the words stopped coming Sting knew he needed reclaim his missing muse, he just didn't expect it to be from the place he escaped. Sting’s Ted talk was different to most Ted talks I have watched and I am not referring to the several times he broke out in song with his guitar, although as a Sting fan that was definitely a bonus for me. What really made Sting’s Ted talk stand out was the  way it appeared that he was just simply telling a story between friends - captivating, engaging and honest. His story  took us on a journey through his humble beginnings as a boy living near "a shadow of a shipyard" to present … [Read more...]