Day 119: Coming to a future near you – mini robots powered by your phone

Today's Ted talk both excites me and worries me. Keller Rinaudo talks about the future of robotics, robotics powered by mobile phones. Is technology moving too fast? Are we actually ready to embrace a world where robotics make up the everyday landscape? Personally, Im not too sure. Personal connections are already being eroded by the huge consumption of mobile phone usage. Will robotic technology free us up to mend those tattered relationships or will it further diminish human connection? What do you think? … [Read more...]

Day 117: Forget geographical maps! There’s a new kind of map out there

Ted speaker Dave Troy wants us to think about maps. Not the geographical maps that help us get from A to B but a new kind of map, a map for a modern social world, map based on data. What do you think of Dave's Ted talk? Due you think that data driven maps are the way of the future? Let me know in the comment box below. … [Read more...]

Day 115: A skateboard with a boost

In 2013 Sanjay Dastoor, founder of Boosted Boards, used his time at TED to talk about electric transportation, more specifically electric skateboards. I'm not really a skateboarding type of girl. I lie. I did have a classic TMNT skateboard as a kid which I loooved - it had flashing lights and everything! Sanjay's skateboard is a little more progressed than my retro skateboard. It's lighter than a bicycle, it's electric and can be plugged into a wall socket for 15 minutes to charge it up to give it enough power to travel at 30 kms per her (20 milers per hour) It's a definite step up from my ninja turtles skateboard!   … [Read more...]

Day 103: The DNA vending machine! Coming to a future near you!

Imagine a DNA vending machine where you the lucky consumer, can purchase a collectable DNA sample.  Each sample comes packaged with a collectable limited edition portrait of the human specimen.  Sounds like stuff of futurist sci-fi movies right? Not for artist Gabe Barcia-Colombo who gave a Ted talk showcasing his art installation the DNA vending machine. The DNA vending MachineWhat leads an artist to create a DNA Vending machine? For Gabe it was his fascination by the discovery of a community biolab in New York called Genspace. Genspace was a place open to the public were classes were held on topics such as extracting strawberry DNA.  Gabe took this class and found the beauty in strawberry DNA. This led him down the path of extracting human DNA. He was hooked to the point were he would hold DNA extracting parties amongst his friends on Friday nights.  Gabe would ultimately create an art installation called the DNA vending … [Read more...]

Day 49: Google Science Fair Winners

Finishing off my Amazing Human series theme week is a Ted talk by three teenagers who won the 2011 inaugural Google Science Fair. Lauren Hodge, Shree Bose and Naomi Shah use their Ted talk to explain their award-winning projects. Meet Lauren, Naomi and Shree First up was Lauren discussing the effect that different marinades have on the levels of carcinogens in grilled chicken. She was led down this path after reading about a lawsuit involving seven  fast food restaurants and the Physician's Committee for Responsible Medicine. The restaurant were being sued for failing to disclose the potential of their being dangerous substances in their food. Her high school lab wasn't sufficient enough to carry out her research so after emailing 200 people in a five-hour radius of her home she got one yes and her project was born. Following Lauren was Shree’s talk discussing her project - cancer research, more specifically how to treat patients … [Read more...]