The hoverboards are coming!

1 year till the wolrd getshoverboards (1)

Just a quick reminder that it's exactly 1 year away today that the world gets hoverboards! I'm wondering if there will be a presale? Will the queue be as long as the queue for Apple's iphone? Can't wait! In the meantime I published a post all about the life and business lessons I picked up watching Back to The Future.   … [Read more...]

Is this ‘Fear Failure’ ADIDAS tshirt sending out the wrong message?

fear failure

Have you ever seen a slogan on a tshirt that has made you do a double take? This post discusses one such shirt from ADIDAS and why it made me do a double take for all the wrong reasons. Earlier this week I saw a young dad wearing a t-shirt with a slogan that has really stuck with me and not in a good way. This dad of a couple of young kids was wearing an ADIDAS tshirt with the words ‘Fear Failure’  I have seen this shirt before, but I have never really took a moment to really digest what message this shirt was sending out. Let's think about this for a second. What is fear? Fear is panic. Fear is terror. Fear is anxiety. Fear is avoidance. Sure it would be great if we could avoid failure and succeed every time (actually that could be a bit boring) but we will never truly know for sure  if we are going to succeed at something unless we try and if we fear failing so intensely we might actually avoid trying all together. Fear of … [Read more...]

Scarcity selling – what is it, why it works and how it caused one woman to loose her fingertips

what is scarcity selling - website confetti

We have all seen it many times before. Scarcity marketing tactics  on sales pages warning us that if we don’t buy right now the price will double, if not triple by the time we make our purchase. This post will explore some common types of scarcity selling. What is scarcity selling? Scarcity selling is a marketing technique presented in a way that is causes a sense of urgency. This could be by limiting the quantity of products on sale or by temporarily lowering the price for  product or services. Examples of scarcity selling Scarcity selling can be presented to potential sellers in various form.  Here are a few of the more popular ways that scarcity selling is marketing today. Limited time discount  Limited time discounts are all around us in both the real bricks and mortar businesses and in the online world business. The one which most consumers will identify with is being offered a discount price that has a limited time span.   … [Read more...]