Today I met a mechanic who will never get my business.

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This post is a little ranty, unscheduled, unplanned but I just needed to vent. Let me set the scene.  I was leaving the supermarket today with my arms weighed down with shopping bags. I was very much aware that one of the bags had been overfilled and could burst open at any second.    The weather was well above 30 degree celsius and the humidity was packing a real bite.     All I wanted to do was get home, drink some super chilled ice water and play day one’s recordings from Social Media Summit. Not too much to ask right?  What I didn’t anticipate was a mechanic lurking around the car park  spruiking his $50 car servicing deal. He didn’t even wait for me to unload my groceries before he started bombarding me with his sales pitch.  Did he really think I was a potential lead? $50 for a car service? Can I have that in writing. Firstly let’s get real. There’s no way that the service would end up costing just $50. He knew that. I knew … [Read more...]

Day 02: Do you know the six needs of your customers? A post inspired by Tony Robbin’s Ted talk

six human needs

I have read Tony Robbins on and off over the last few years. I first picked up his personal power cassette tapes at a secondhand  book festival four years ago.  Fortunately at the time I was driving an Magna that still had the original car radio complete with a cassette tape player.  I quickly learnt that cassette tapes are so awkward when it comes to trying to find certain points to relisten to… but I digress.  These Anthony Robbins tapes for me was a gamer changer as it sparked an interest within me about  personal development and human behaviour .  Considering most of Tony Robbins talks are hours long I was interested to see what Tony considered was the core message from his talks to include in a heavily condensed 22 minute Ted talk. This Ted talk was basically an extract of Tony's core teaching, a teaser for his programs.  The key take away for me was his very brief discussion of what Tony calls the 6 basic human needs. … [Read more...]

Why your call to action could be sending out the wrong message

What's your call to action

How much thought have you given to the wording of your call to action on your website or digital and print media?  This post looks at one business who is unintentionally sending out the wrong message with their call to action. I love junk mail. Not the digital type that fills my email inbox, but rather the type of junk mail that fills my actual old-school letterbox.  I love flipping through the pages and searching for bargains, bargains that in all honesty I probably don't need  and won't be buying, but nonetheless I enjoy being tempted by them. I also like to study direct-mail to see what's effective and what doesn't work. I recently had some junk mail delivered to my home with one pamphlet advertising the services of a printing company that designed business cards. I would be attending my first business conference in a few months time and was in the market for some business cards for my new commerce store.   The pamphlet was a … [Read more...]

Scarcity selling – what is it, why it works and how it caused one woman to loose her fingertips

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We have all seen it many times before. Scarcity marketing tactics  on sales pages warning us that if we don’t buy right now the price will double, if not triple by the time we make our purchase. This post will explore some common types of scarcity selling. What is scarcity selling? Scarcity selling is a marketing technique presented in a way that is causes a sense of urgency. This could be by limiting the quantity of products on sale or by temporarily lowering the price for  product or services. Examples of scarcity selling Scarcity selling can be presented to potential sellers in various form.  Here are a few of the more popular ways that scarcity selling is marketing today. Limited time discount  Limited time discounts are all around us in both the real bricks and mortar businesses and in the online world business. The one which most consumers will identify with is being offered a discount price that has a limited time span.   … [Read more...]

Do you use scarcity to market? Careful, it could backfire

why your scarcity selling could backfire

If you don't read this post within the next five minutes it will self-destruct. Limited time offer to read this post by midnight tonight before I hit delete. If you haven't already guessed this post is all about scarcity selling, otherwise known as limited time offers . Scarcity selling is a marketing strategy taking the online business world by storm. It's not new.  It's not reinventing the wheel but for many consumers it's irresistible to pass up on.  In this post I am going to discuss why this marketing  technique can sometimes backfire and loose potential sales not only in the moment but for any future reoccurring sales. A few months ago I received a sales email  informing me of a new subscription membership site.  The product was  from a company that had a long-standing solid reputation in the online business world. I had previously subscribed to their list as I was, and continue to be, generally interested about what new … [Read more...]