Today I met a mechanic who will never get my business.

car park symbol

This post is a little ranty, unscheduled, unplanned but I just needed to vent. Let me set the scene.  I was leaving the supermarket today with my arms weighed down with shopping bags. I was very much aware that one of the bags had been overfilled and could burst open at any second.    The weather was well above 30 degree celsius and the humidity was packing a real bite.     All I wanted to do was get home, drink some super chilled ice water and play day one’s recordings from Social Media Summit. Not too much to ask right?  What I didn’t anticipate was a mechanic lurking around the car park  spruiking his $50 car servicing deal. He didn’t even wait for me to unload my groceries before he started bombarding me with his sales pitch.  Did he really think I was a potential lead? $50 for a car service? Can I have that in writing. Firstly let’s get real. There’s no way that the service would end up costing just $50. He knew that. I knew … [Read more...]