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Are you trying to grow an online business? Do you stay up late into the early hours of the morning, long past the family has gone to bed, so you can invest a couple of hours into  your business? Maybe you are an early worm, up before the the sun has even risen, writing out your business plan and doing market research?  Do you skip social engagements because dividing your time between your day job, your family and YOUR business is so time consuming that there are just no spare hours left in the day. I'm betting for the most part you love that you are taking the initiative to launch and grow your business, but let's be real here - sometimes it sucks. The fatigue, the social life sacrifice and the pressure on your finances can be hard - really tough. I know it is for me which is why I have printed this image and placed it above my desk, because sometimes we all need a little reminder.   Feel free to share this image … [Read more...]

Day 03: Ted speaker Paul Piff believes money makes you mean.

does money make you mean

For Day #3 of 365 Days of Ted I decided to watch a Ted talk by a psychologist called Paul Piff. The presentation ‘Does money make you mean?’ gets into the issue of how people act when they feel wealthy.   I wanted to watch this particular talk because  I am sucker for anything that has to do with psychology and social behavior. The talk starts off with Paul telling a story about a recent experiment he conducted that rigged a game of Monopoly. That alone is pretty risky - Monopoly can bring out the worst in people without the rigging! There were two monopoly players and one player was  given more money to begin with and some extra perks. The other player was dealt the standard money given and got no perks at all. Watching the clips of the monopoly players the interesting thing to observe is how the rich players got cockier the more wealthier they became. At first when they realised they had more cash they started boasting slightly, … [Read more...]

Day 01: Incentives kill creativity. A Ted talk by Dan Pink that changed the way I think.

Free thinking leads to innovation

Today is my first day on  my self-imposed 365 days of Ted talks challenge and to mark the occasion I decided to kick off this journey with a great video  by Dan Pink titled ‘The Puzzle of Motivation.’  As someone who can struggle with motivation at times it seemed like a great video to kickstart this journey and put me into the right headspace.  The core of this video is about motivation, problem solving skills and whether or not reward based incentives are as successful as society would have us believe. Dan uses the candle problem, which was  created by Karl Duncker some 70 years ago, to discuss the pros and cons of reward based incentives. What is the Candle Problem? Challenge: Fix a lit candle onto the wall making sure that no candle wax will be able to drip onto the table below. Items:  One candle One box of thumbtacks One box of matches Experiment #1 Dan talks about an experiment run by Sam Glucksberg from … [Read more...]

Is this ‘Fear Failure’ ADIDAS tshirt sending out the wrong message?

fear failure

Have you ever seen a slogan on a tshirt that has made you do a double take? This post discusses one such shirt from ADIDAS and why it made me do a double take for all the wrong reasons. Earlier this week I saw a young dad wearing a t-shirt with a slogan that has really stuck with me and not in a good way. This dad of a couple of young kids was wearing an ADIDAS tshirt with the words ‘Fear Failure’  I have seen this shirt before, but I have never really took a moment to really digest what message this shirt was sending out. Let's think about this for a second. What is fear? Fear is panic. Fear is terror. Fear is anxiety. Fear is avoidance. Sure it would be great if we could avoid failure and succeed every time (actually that could be a bit boring) but we will never truly know for sure  if we are going to succeed at something unless we try and if we fear failing so intensely we might actually avoid trying all together. Fear of … [Read more...]