Day 169: 70000 students Skype to the bottom of the ocean

Can you imagine spending a night underwater? How about a week? Fabien Cousteau doesn't have to imagine. In 2014 Fabien spent 31 days living in an underwater research lab and in doing so broke a world record and not just any world record Jacques Cousteau (Fabien's grandfather) world record from 1963. Jacques spent thirty days under water. What I love most about Fabien's underwater adventure is that whilst underwater he got to share the experience with 70,000 student! He had WIFI underwater (mind boggling sometimes I cant event get reception in the local grocery store) and would realtime skype with the students. How awesome is that! Sure trumps learning about the ocean from text books! For all the faults that people heap onto the "digital age" and education, there are ten-fold positive reasons why the current age we live in right now is one of the best times to be a student. Sure, some students may not be able to add up … [Read more...]

DAY 168: I had no idea the underwater world was so awesome until I watched this TED talk

Have you ever seen a photograph or video that kind of reminds you, or makes you realise, just  how awesome the Earth really is? Well today I watched the Ted talk Underwater Astonishments by TED speaker Ted Gallo that did just that. What I really love about this TED talk (and the videos that David shares with the audience) is that it shows that despite society being so wrapped up and absorbed in the digital age we can still be in awe and fasciated by mother nature. The video David shared showed some really cool stuff and he also shared a pretty interesting statistic; the world has only explored 3% of the underwater world.   That blew me away - there’s still 97% of the underwater world that is a mystery.  That's a big deal but to be honest I kind of hope it remains unexplored.  The world needs a little mystery in it. If you haven’t watched David’s TED talk hit the play button and let me know what you think. Were you awe struck? … [Read more...]

Day 118: All animals are the same

Frans Lanting shares a profound story about the connection between humans and animals. Through his stunning photographs he teaches us that we need to shed the genetic makeup and appreciate the common connection that we share with all living beings. Life can be pretty chaotic that sometimes I think we loose sight of just how amazing the animal kingdom is.  TED talks like Fran's one reminds us of this face.   … [Read more...]