How to launch a business around a day job

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    Are you trying to start an online business around a full-time job? Many people have tried to start and launch a business, but give up, not for lack of trying, but as a result of being too overwhelmed at knowing where to start. I am no stranger to this. I launched my business Not Just Retro around my day job and whilst I love my job, I also love my business but it used to play second, third even fourth fiddle to everything else in my life. Something had to change. I've recently found solutions to my challenge of growing a business around my day job and can't wait to share it with you. It has been a real game changer for me. Enter your email address below and in the next few weeks you will be receiving some goodies in your inbox.   Name: Email: We respect your email privacy … [Read more...]

Follow your dreams…

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Are you trying to grow an online business? Do you stay up late into the early hours of the morning, long past the family has gone to bed, so you can invest a couple of hours into  your business? Maybe you are an early worm, up before the the sun has even risen, writing out your business plan and doing market research?  Do you skip social engagements because dividing your time between your day job, your family and YOUR business is so time consuming that there are just no spare hours left in the day. I'm betting for the most part you love that you are taking the initiative to launch and grow your business, but let's be real here - sometimes it sucks. The fatigue, the social life sacrifice and the pressure on your finances can be hard - really tough. I know it is for me which is why I have printed this image and placed it above my desk, because sometimes we all need a little reminder.   Feel free to share this image … [Read more...]

The dress that went viral and why it matters

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A dress went viral today, well rather a tumblr post about the colour of a dress did. Is it blue and black or gold and white? Some people swear gold and white whilst others equally swear blue and black. Others simply don’t care. Ordinarily I would be the later but the thing is I am fascinated by perception and how two people could be looking at the exact same thing but see different things. Weird right? If we take this fleeting viral dress to a deeper level we can use it as a metaphor on being  tolerant of each other. Arguments are often brought to surface over disagreements with most parties firmly believing that they are right. Take this dress for example. Both sides believe they are right but rather than arguing about whose right or wrong cant we just accept that people experience things differently? Just something I am pondering over today..   What do you think? What colour is that dress? … [Read more...]

Day 166: 4 tips for success (working hard is not one of them)

Today’s instalment of 365 Days of TED is about a recent TEDx talk I watched by Zain Asher about how working hard is by no means a guarantee for success. For many of us we have had the mantra of working hard for success drilled into us since school, so it’s refreshing to hear a different take on it. Zain breaks it down into four key points. Trust Your Struggle Zain belies that we need to learn to trust our struggle and have faith that everyhing is going to work out for the greater good. I’ll admit this can be a hard pill to swallow and it would be understandable if people weren’t 100% on board with this point, it’s a hard sell, but really, whats the alternative? Feeling sorry for ourselves when things go pear shape does us no good. You don’t have competitors Zain shared with us her philosophy on competitors. "I don’t believe in competing for what I want, I believe in creating what I want” That was probably my favourite quote … [Read more...]

DAY 173: I have a confession to make about pickpocketing

For today's instalment of my 365 Days of TED challenge I watched a TED talk by Apollo Robbins on the art of misdirection demonstrated by pickpocketing a member of the audience! I first heard of Apollo Robbins when I was watching the National Geographic show Brain Games which he is a part of as co-producer and appears on as a deception specialist. Can you imagine introducing yourself to people, "Hi I'm a deception specialist" How awkward would that be! I have a confession to make. I am fascinated by pickpocketing. Okay so firstly let me clear one thing up. I am not fascinated by the crime aspect of pick-pocketing, not at all, I think that aspect of it is really low and I have no respect for anyway who thinks that it’s okay to take another person’s belonging just because they decide they want to. What does fascinate me though is that a pickpocketer can remove another person’s watch without them even realising. I mean how is that … [Read more...]

365 Days of Ted

365 days of ted

For 365 days I will be watching a Ted talk and writing a 500 word post about what lessons I have learnt from that video. You can read all about why I am doing this below or skip ahead and just see the complete list of posts here Why am I doing this? Earlier this month I decided to set myself a challenge and watch and write about Ted talks each and every day for next 365 days. I love the format for Ted talks. Short and sweet at around 20 minutes - it's the perfect length to fit into my day. I am hoping to complete this challenge first thing in the morning. That way I can start each day off with a sense of accomplishment.  I am challenging myself to watch 365 Ted talks for two very different reasons. Reason #1 Ted talks will expose me to people from different walks of life. I love watching videos from people from all walks of life who have a different point of view to offer, a perspective which I may not have ever thought of,  or … [Read more...]