Day 07: David Steindl-Rast: Want to be happy? Be grateful

To finish up on my first week of my 365 Days of Ted challenge I decided to watch a Ted talk with a simple message – be grateful. Delivered by  Brother David Steindl-Rast a monk and interfaith scholar his speaks in a calming manner and raises awareness of some common truths that sometimes gets lost in the everyday moments of chaos.

What’s the talk about?

David starts off his talk with one universal truth – everyone wants to be happy.  Everyone may have their own interpretation of what that happiness means to them and everyone will have different ways of finding their happiness, but nonetheless the pursuit of happiness is something that binds us all.  David reveals the secret to happiness, which is simply being grateful for what you have and adopting grateful living into your life.  David points out situations when people who have a lot of hardship and misfortune in their lives still seem to radiate happiness. Why? Simply put, gratefulness makes us happy.

How do we live gratefully?

Just telling someone to be grateful is easier said than done. It  can sounds all wishy washy, but David gives us simple tools to do this that we can adopt into our own everyday life.

  •  Appreciate and realise that every moment is a gift.  Every new moment that we are given is the most valuable gift that we will ever be given. Be in awe of it and most importantly be grateful for it and all the opportunity that it contains for we cannot be grateful for new moments if we don’t realise the opportunity within that gift.
  •  Stop, look and go. David tells us that the key to gratitude is something we were all taught as children when crossing the road and that is to stop, look and go. He reconmended having stop signs in our lives that make us stop and look and appreciate what is around us then go take action for whatever that moment is offering even if that action simply means simply enjoying your present moment.  One of the most important takeaways for me was towards the end of the speech when David said that joyful and grateful living would leading to a non-violent revolution.
    - It can change our world in immensely

Today’s action step and free printable

The action I am going to take today from watching this video is a simple one; I am going to be grateful.  A few days I already completed a worksheet for what I am grateful for and including some worksheets to remind me of this. Today I printed out a motivational poster to hang above my desk titled ‘Every moment is a gift.’ You are most welcome to download it and share it freely but please credit it back to here. And if you would like the gratitude worksheet head over to Day 05 to watch and read about Tania Luna’s How a penny made me feel like a millionaire.

Every Moment is a Gift Printable

What are you grateful for? Please let me know in the comments below