Day 08: Living beyond limits

Amy Purdy - Living Beyond Limits

Amy Purdy – Living Beyond Limits

If today’s talk doesn’t inspire you I don’t know what will.  11 years ago Amy was stuck down with meningitis and lost both her legs. Life as she knew itwould never ever be the same.   In this talk Amy talks about the challenges she faces and the pivotal moment that helped her to live beyond her limitations.

day 8 living beyond limits

Amy’s message

11 years ago life as Amy knew it changed. A blood infection mean that she fell seriously ill with a 2% chance or survival. Amy survived but life would never be the same again and for months she lay in bed with her prosthetic legs beside her mourning the life she once knew. The pivotal moment for her came when Amy realised that the only way forward was to let go of the Amy she knew. Clinging onto the former reality of her life would mean she would be forever stuck in this limbo – she needed to let go of the past and embrace the ‘new Amy.’

if my life were a book how would i want the story to go

The one thing that really stuck out for me was something Amy said about stories and how as authors of our own stories we need to think how we would like the story to go. I think that it is so easy to live by the default and by our circumstances that for many us we don’t actively think about the stories that we are creating.  I realised that I need to regularly take a moment to stop and ask myself if this is how I want my story to go.

Do obstacles break or make you?

 When faced with obstacles we really only have two choices, do we allow those obstacles to stop us in our tracks or do we find creative ways to get around them . Amy illustrates this point by telling us  that after a year of research she still couldn’t find a pair of prosthetic feet that would allow her to snowboard – a lifelong childhood dream of hers. The only solution was to get creative and think outside the box. Together  with her leg maker Amy experimented until she created the perfect pair that enabled her to win two back to back World Cup gold medals making her the highest ranked adaptive  female snowboarder.

No human being is immune to obstacles – it  is a part of life.  The only thing that we can really control is how we react to these obstacles and what our next step to be. Amy has taught me that the best way to face an obstacle is to think creatively and outside the box.

Today’s action step

Todays action step  is from a challenge Amy raises. She tells us to change the way we look at our challenges and stop looking at them as limitations or something negative but rather as blessings, gifts, that will enable us to ignite our imaginations.  I am going to try and adopt this attitude into my own life and look at challenges and limitations placed on me as a gift to find a way to push those borders.  I am going to use the tools and resources of brainstomring and mind-mapping when faced with an obstacle and looking for a creative solution.

How do you overcome obstacles. Id love to know in the comments below.