Day 110: A new kind of music video

Have you ever wondered what a music video would look like if the music itself directed the video and not a director’s concept? Designer and Ted speaker Jakob Trollback wondered this and the results of his experiment is featured in his Ted talk “A new kind of music.”

Although I don’t think that this Ted talk is for everyone, I like the concept behind it. Often video clips can give an entire new meaning to a song. Often the songwriter is not involved in the music video creation. This means that another interpretation is added in the mix and it may or may not be in sync with the song’s true meaning. The artistic endeavours (and ego) of a director may trump the essence of a song and visuals may be forced to fit the lyrics.

Jakob Trollback’s approach to his experiment is to allow motion and animation to take centre stage of the music video. Truthfully, I wasn’t that blown away by the results but his Ted talk did get me thinking about music video clips adding and taking away meaning from the songwriters original intent, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. The thing I love about song lyrics is that what we base our song interpretations on our own lives and our own stories. This is easy to do when we only have access to the audio, but add visuals into the mix and our interpretation gets guided by what we see.

I don’t think that this is a bad thing, it’s just something I have never considered before and just another reason why I love Ted talks – I get challenged to think differently.

What did you think of Jakob’s Ted talk? Share your opinion below.

Vanessa Rose