Day 113: Emotional Correctness

Emotional correctness. What the heck is that? I have heard of political correctness but emotional correctness? Do we need another form of correctness? Sally Kohn thinks so and her TED talk “Let’s talk emotional correctness” she explains why.

Sally kicks off her TED talk by sharing a rather poignant truth for her, the better she does her job the more people hate her. What’s her occupation? Sally says her role as “a gay talking head on Fox News” has made her the target for hate mail. Really vile hate mail. One would understand if this made Sally bitter and twisted but she has actually got a pretty profound lesson from it.

“We spend so much time talking past each other and not enough time talking through our disagreements, and if we can start to find compassion for one another, then we have a shot at building common ground.”

How true is that! Sally uses the example that when a person might say they hate immigrants she tries to imagine how scared they must be that the community is changing from what they have known.

In other words (Sally’s words) Our challenge is to find the compassion for others that we want them to have for us. That is emotional correctness.”

What did you think on Sally’s take on emotional correctness? Share you comments below.


Vanessa Rose