DAY 167: What do maths and music have in common?

What do maths and music have in common? TED speaker Clayton Cameron uses him time at TEDYouth to demonstrate the answer.

I dislike maths but I love drum beats. Ahh the corundum when presented with a TED talk that explains maths behind the rhythm. This TED talk was part of the TEDYouth lineup, hence the emphasis on “A-rhythm-etic” I love how Clayton explains to the audience that maths is the backbone of music.  Okay so Clayton is a drummer and not a maths teacher, but if I would have had a maths teacher that broke it down for me like that, then I might of had a better appreciation for maths. When students in my maths  class in primary school groaned “why do we need to learn maths anyway?” answering “to create music” would have been a whole lot more effective than “because it’s in the curriculum”

The truth is when I started to teach myself to read music I learnt the connection between maths and rhythm and this made me made dislike maths a little less. I can now see that is actually is the building blocks for a whole lot of things, but I learnt this myself and had I have learnt this lesson in school then maybe I wouldn’t have done so poorly in maths!

What did you think of Clayton’s TED talk? Do you have a new found application for  A-rhythm-etic? let me know what you think in the comment box below

Vanessa Rose