Day 176: Know your five purpose in five questions

Do you know what your life purpose is? Yes? Awesome! No? Don’t worry you are not alone. A staggering number of people don’t know what their life purpose is.  TED speaker Adam Leipzig uses his time at TED to put a pretty bold statement out there. He claims that you can find out your life purpose in five minutes.  Is he mad or is Adam on to something?

For Adam Leizpig, a trip to his college reunion revealed some, well heartbreaking, revelations. Whilst chatting to old classmates it was revealed by many of them that they felt that they had wasted half their life. “I don’t know what my life is all about.” Okay so it needs to be pointed out that this group of friends according to Adam were privileged, well off and in positions of power. On the surface it probably looked like they had it all, but the problem ran much deeper. Adam says that about 80% of his friends felt this. What about the other 20%?

Adam says that the happier 20% (himself included) were happier because the knew five things about themselves.

1. Who you are

This is not a trick question. It’s simply asking what your name is.

2. What you do  

What do you love to do? Teach? Write? Paint? Adam says that if you have difficulty picking just one  thing ask yourself this question;

What is the one thing that you feel extremely qualified to teach other people?

3. Who you do it for

4. What those people want and need

5. How do they change or transform as a result

Did you notice anything about those questions? Only two of those questions related to you, the other three  questions were related to to other people and that’s the key Adam says. The happier people were outward facing not inwards.

Did you figure out your life purpose? Yes? No? Share how you went in the comments below.


Vanessa Rose