Day 19: Lessons I learnt from watching Neil Pasricha’s Ted talk “The 3 A’s of awesome”

Day 19 is all about appreciating the awesomeness in your life. Neil  Pasricha’s who runs the popular 1000 Awesome Things has a message to share and that is that we need to appreciate all the small moments in life that make up the big picture. Neil shares his 3 A’s of awesome in his Ted talk.

Appreciate the awesome

I first came across Neil Pasricha when I was Amazon window shopping and found his ‘The Book of Awesome‘ which also led me to his blog. Each day he posts one awesome thing to his blog. It’s nothing life changing, just the simple moments that we often forget to appreciate such as carrying a newly filled ice-cube tray to the freezer without spilling it.  Okay, so what are the 3 A’s of awesome according Neil Pasricha

1. Attitude

Our attitude is the one central thing that can change our entire experience of absolutely everything we do. Neil says that whether or not we want to talk about it, life probably wont go according to plan and bad things will happen and it’s up to us how we decide to move forward from these things. We can become stuck in a limbo of doom and gloom or we can make a conscious decision to take those first few baby steps forward.

2. Awareness

This is my favorite A from Neil “The 3 A’s of awesome” and that is to simple evoke that inner three year-old in you and view the world from their eyes. I remember when I was a kid I used to be awe-struck by the most simplest and trivial things. I used to love imaging that the clouds were shapes and would make up stories for the cloud characters I created. I would be mesmerised by the way the signage at the local department store would blink on and off in a rhythmic way.  I think one of the saddest things about being an adult is that we forget how magical the world can be and I think we need to step back and reconnect with that part of ourselves again. We owe that to our three-year old self.

3. Authenticity

If you are not being your true authentic self how can you expect to have a life full of awesome moments? Your heart would always yearn to be in a different situation. Neil says that when you are living authentically you end up putting yourself in places and situations that you love.  You also become surrounded by like-minded people.   Neil’s example of authenticity is a great one and you have to watch his Ted talk to see it.

Todays action step

Today’s action step is break away from the flow of each day and find that one moment that I can be awestruck by.  To an extent I already do this. Since watching Tania Luna’s Ted talk “How a penny made me feel like a millionaire” on day 5 I have started to notice the small moments that make up my day and this is due to that day’s action step which was to jot down things I am grateful for in my gratitude worksheet on a daily basis.

What I have found is that since I am always coming back to the gratitude worksheet, during the day my mind is always actively looking for things to be grateful for. I have found that I am beginning to notice and appreciate what was once considered trivial moments, such as a sparrow wobbling along the grass or the way raindrops bounce off the step’s railing.   These small moments is becoming life changing stuff for me!  If you would like the worksheet that I am reading head over to day 05.

I would love for you to take a few moments to think of one ‘awesome’ moment in your day today and share in the comments below.