Day 30: Matt Cutts: Try something new for 30 days

Are you wanting to try something new? Perhaps you are looking to take up a new hobby, start a new habit or give one up? What has stopped you starting already? Not enough time? For day 30’s blog post I have decided to write a response to a short 3 minute video I recently watched.   Matt Cutt’s delivers a Ted talk that teaches us how we can try and achieve something new is a small amount of time .

Try something new for 30 days

 The premise of his talk was simple – try something new everyday for 30 days.   There’s no commitment to stick to that something new once the 30 days is up.    Filmed in 2009 Matt Cutts is responsible for a crazy amount of 30-day challenge around the world.  30 days in enough time to form a new habit without it becoming too overwhelming.  It’s also enough time to subtract a habit that you want to get rid of.

Who do a 30 day challenge?

Trying something new is scary, but giving it a go for 30 days is enough of a teaser for you to decide if it’s a a habit you would like to continue with or a hobby you would like to pursue. Matt found that it also increased his self-confidence as it made it break away from the computer desk and try new things.  Another benefit Matt found is that is made life more memorable. It made moments stick out.  30 days were passing by for him regardless but he decided to make those days matter.

You can also use the 30 days to subtract something from your life.  On Matt Cutts’s blog he wrote about giving up TV for a entire month. When the month was up he did start to watch tv again but it was less viewing than before he had started the challenge.  Taking on or giving up a new habit for 30 days can seem extreme, but after 30 days continuing with that new habit will become  more manageable.

There is also a bonus of having a feeling of self-accomplishment attached to finishing something in 30 days.  I always feel lousy when my new year habits don’t stick for an entire year. Perhaps it won’t be so daunting  If I package new years resolutions into 30 day blocks. I would be more likely to follow through and knowing that I have accomplished a 30 day goal I would be more likely to extend it into my everyday life.

Today’s action step

For years I have wanted to do the photo-a day challenge, but as the challenge was a daily photo for an entire year I felt a bit overwhelmed by the prospect.   In hindsight taking a photo a day for 365 days would have been less time chewing than my 365 Days of Ted – but I digress.  I won’t be using any fancy camera , just my smartphone. This actually ties into day five when I wrote about appreciating the little things. My photos won’t be amazing. They won’t be worthy of appearing in a photography publication but that’s okay. I will be capturing and appreciating the little things.

What about you? What are you wanting to start? What are you waiting for? I’d love to follow along with your challenge too, but first you have to tell me what it is in the comments below.