Day 05: Tania Luna: How a penny made me feel like a millionaire

Todays Ted talk is by a woman called Tania Luna. Tania talks about how finding a penny in the United States made her feel like a millionaire .  Day 5

A traumatic incident at an early age shaped the way that Tania would forever perceive the world.  When tania was just 1 years old she spent 9 months in hospital after the Chernobyl accident in the Ukraine. Her family were also affected – her sisters hair fell out in clumps. The silver lining came when   Tania was 6 years old and  her family were given asylum in the United States due to the accident. The experience Tania had in her short 6 years made her view America with wonderment. On Tania’s very first day in New York she found a penny and bought herself some bazooka bubblegum – she felt like a millionaire .  Years later when  Tania finds a bag full of stuffed toys in the trash and she feels as if she has won the jackpot – she has never owned that many toys combined in her entire life.

 What I learned from watching Tania Luna’s ‘How a penny made me feel like a millionaire’

From all the Ted talks I have watched to date, this Talk probably has had the most profound effect on me.  It is so easy to look at the world, and look at the little materialistic things that we have and feel like we don’t have enough, but the truth is for many of us, we have more than we really need and confuse what we need for what we want.  We are so lucky in Australia, so lucky, yet sometimes I think we forget it. We have access to parks, beaches, rain-forests and clean drinking water. In some countries having access to clean drinking water in your own homes is beyond a dream.  We have free access to libraries with free internet access  to boost our knowledge – we are fortunate.   The Chernobyl accident shaped the way that Tania perceives the world .  Those of us who had relatively ordinary childhoods and become adults consumed by, well adulthood and all that contains,  can sometimes stop to look around and just be thankful.


Today’s action step and worksheets

I am going to start a gratitude attitude from today. Now I know that sounds like warm fuzzies and all fluffy happy talk,  but hear me out.   I am interested to see what effect starting each day thinking of at least 3 things that I am grateful for will have on the rest of day.  If you would like to join me and  at start everyday off in a gracious mood feel free to download my worksheets.  I have created two. The first is a gratitude attitude worksheet with space to list 7 things that you are truly grateful. Put this worksheet somewhere you will look at often such as above your desk or on your fridge.

The second worksheet is a weekly template that you can use to write down three things that you are grateful for each day. I am going to do this first thing in the morning to help me start off the day on the right positive vibe.

Gratitude Attitude Printable

Gratitude Attitude Weekly Printable

I would love to know if you implement these worksheets into your life.   Please let me know in the comments below or say hi over at Twitter @websiteconfetti