Day 61: Before I day… A social experiment by Candy Chanf

Today’s post continues on with my 365 Day of Ted theme week Challenge Your Thinking. Although keeping on theme, I am taking a different approach. So far I have published posts about reframing our perspective and approaching situations from different angles  but ultimately still ending up at the same in point.  Today’s post is about looking inside of us to remind us of what is actually important and meaningful in life.

For Ted speaker Candy Chang, this wake up call of remembering what’s important in life and not getting caught up in the day today trivial moments that seem to make up the bulk of our lives, happened after a tragic event. Candy lost someone close to her, a mother figure. It was unexpected and three years later (at the time of the Ted talk) the emotion was still evidently raw for Candy.

This unexpected and tragic event was followed by a long period of grief and depression, but also a sense of clarity about death. This was the motivation for Candy’s next project.  As well as being a Ted speaker Candy is also an artist. Her works of public art is not gallery bound but takes place in the street and in towns, engaging people from all walks of life.

One of Candy’s most profound works was a wall on a building turned into a blackboard and encouraging people to answer the poignant question. “Before I die…” The answers were varied. Some tongue-in-cheek such as “Before I die, I want to be tried for piracy” and others more heartfelt, “Before I die, I want to be completely myself.” The giant chalkboard wall was full overnight and the project has now taken off in other countries, a tool kit has been made and ‘Before I die’ walls in now global.

Today’s lesson

The main thing I took away from this took, is that we need to stop and question what it is we are actually trying to achieve in life. We need to untangle ourselves from the parts of our lives that are not working and find our true purpose, or at the very least, that one thing that we want to do before we die.

So may I dare ask you? What do you want to do before you die? Share in the comments below.

Vanessa Rose