Day 68: Are your a high-power poser or a low-power poser?

How aware of you of your own body language? Do you think that your body language is sending out the right messages or does it need a tune up? Social psychologist’s Amy Cuddy’s Ted talk “Your body language shapes who you are” talks about how body language is reflection of how others and yourself perceive you. This talk was watched accumulatively 21 million times, i’m pretty sure thats a record of some sort!

How our body language affects the way others see us

The reality is our body language will have a massive impact on how well we do in life. Amy’s talk was backed up with studies that showed how body language can impact the results of an election or the probability of a physician getting sued! How crazy is that! The body language of a physician, and whether or not they come across as ‘nice’ (according to the study Amy references), determines whether or not they have a higher chance of being sued.  What about their competence as a doctor being a factor!

How our body language affects the way we see ourselves

Our body language, or non-verbals as social scientists say, can affect the way we see ourselves. Our non-verbals is really just an outward expression on what’s going on inside.  If we are feeling powerful, our expressions are more open and large. We are displaying high-power poses.

If we are feeling insecure, our non-verbals are more timid and protective, such as crossed arms. This is what’s called low-power poses.

Fake it ’till you become it

If we have a job interview or a presentation to give, put on those power poses, if even for a few minutes beforehand, and fake it it. Amy say’s you are not faking it until you make it.   You are faking it, ’til you become it.



Are you a high-power poser, a low-power poser or somewhere in between.  Share your power pose in the comments section below.

Vanessa Rose