Day 69: Write a love letter to a stranger

When was the last time you put pen to paper and wrote a letter to somebody? And no, messages in a greeting card don’t count.  Ted speaker Hannah Brencher is passionate about the handwritten letter. It has got here through some tough times and it has also helped others through their rough patches too.

Hannah’s mother doesn’t believe in communicating by technology,  so when Hannah was away at the college the only way for her to get news from home was to check the P.O box each afternoon. The familiarity of her mother’s cursive writing  was a comfort away from home. 

Fast forward post college and Hannah relocated to New York City. In her own words she was  “sucker-punched” by depression. Hannah sought solace in the comfort of letter writing, but this time there was a twist. Hannah wasn’t writing letters to family and friends and swapping stories of their respective lives. These letters were written to strangers and left all around her city.

Hannah put a call out on her personal blog promising to send a hand-written letter to anyone who needed one; her inbox was flooded into a “harbour of heartbreak” People were reaching out for a reason to wait by the mailbox. People were yearning for connection.

I challenge to turn off your computer or your mobile device, hunt out some letter wiring paper, or any sheet of paper, and write a letter to somebody. Somebody you know or a stranger.  Let someone know that they are special.

Vanessa Rose