Day 71: Do you know these 10 time saving technology hacks?

Ted speaker David Pogue wants you to know that you have been wasting your time with technology. It’s true! Don’t worry though, this isn’t an anti-technology post. I could never write a scathing post on technology.

Day 71 Time saving technology shortcuts

David kicks off his Ted talk with some food for thought; you need a licence for anything risky, driving a car or getting married, but not for owning technology. There’s no basic course or standard syllabus, we are just supposed to know this stuff. No licence – just jump right in!

Ted Speaker David Pogue quote compiled by website confetti

Okay so I am guessing that if you were born sometime after 1999 technology such as smart phones and fast internet are just part of the landscape for you. You probably had computers at school since kindy and you probably don’t get the comparison. I on the other hand was born before 1999 so I understand what David is saying.

Technology is this huge minefield and we are just thrown into the deep-end when we buy technology that often we only know how to use just the basics of a software or device and we never really peel away the layers to learn the nitty gritty.

David Rogue used his Ted talk to share 10 time technology hacks that you may not have heard of. It’s shortcuts to make your user experience more efficient when you use technology. You may only ended up saving a few minutes here and there but it all adds up. It’s definitely worth a watch and I want to know If I am the only one who hasn’t heard of all these tips!

How can I apply the lessons from David Pogue’s Ted talk into my own life?

We become so ingrained into our workflows that often we are unaware that there are workflow hacks that we could be using to become more efficient. Last year I started using TextExpander and it has been a complete game changer! I don’t know how I ever survived online without it! The way it works is that you delegate snippets of text to abbreviated letters which expand when you type. So whenever I type KR on my keyboard is automatically expands to Kind Regards! Think of the possibilities this has!

workflow time hacks

Is there a software that you use daily that you could be using more efficiently? Search for ‘shortcuts’ in the software’s help file and you could end up boosting your workflow in minutes!

Do you have a time saving technology tip? I would love to hear about it in the comments below! Don’t forget to watch David’s Ted talk and let me know if you knew all the time saving tips

Vanessa Rose