Day 73: What happens when you mix a Ted talk with poetry slam and a rubik’s cube?

I am a bit of a poetry slam fan girl. I would never dare perform poetry slam, that would be an awkward mess, but I do enjoy watching it.  It’s full of passion and heart and just makes you pay attention.  To kick off this new theme week “Ted talks and poetry slam” I watched a performance by Marlon Carey all about time. Marlon wanted to push poetry slam further by adding something else in the mix, a rubik’s cube, which fitted nicely into the theme of his poetry – time.

Time is the universal currency

  We lead this clockwork existence of exchanging time every single day.   We waste time.  We are frivolous with our time.  We are generous with our time; perhaps too generous. We are greedy with our time; maybe too greedy?  People ask to borrow our time, but we don’t always have time to spare. We take people’s time. For better or worse, time is this universal currency that we are all born with.

Use your time wisely

The most poignant line in the entire piece for me was  when Marlon said “My time exists before 9 and after 5.” As someone whose ‘time’ is diluted in several places, some days an hour of free time is a blessing, the perception of their being a lack of time can be seriously overwhelming, but only if you let it.  I recently published a blog post about how I actually found that often the days when I had the least amount of free time available to me were also my most productive days.  I found out that by having time constraints I was forced to only focus on things that truly mattered and were important.

What do you think about time? Are you aware of were your time goes and do you feel like you have ‘lost time’ each day? Would love to hear your thoughts in the comment box below.

Vanessa Rose