Day 76: Using spoken word to figure stuff out

Continuing on with my 365 Days of Ted theme week on poetry slam is a post about spoken word artist Sarah Kay who uses her Ted talk to talk about the power of self-expression.

Day 76- Using spoken word to figure stuff out
Sarah Kay kicks off her Ted talk with a spoken word piece, “If I should have a daughter”  It’s a heartfelt piece that shows both the beauty and painful moments that make up life as a whole.  It’s rawness and truths brought the audience to the first standing ovation of the Ted talk.

Finding your vehicle for self-expression

This wasn’t a Ted talk just about a spoken-word piece from a mother to daughter. It was  a Ted talk about using poetry as a way self-expression and  empowerment.  Sometimes we struggle to make sense of things and when this happens to Sarah she puts pen to paper to find the answers.

Ted Speaker Sarah Kay quote compiled by website confetti

Sarah says that spoken word poetry is not necessarily the ideal art form, but it is the art form that is accessible to everyone.  Expression through film and music has a prerequisite attached to it, you must own a camera or a musical instrument, and be trained in learning how to play that instrument, but with spoken word, everyone has a story to tell and opinions to share.

poetry slam can help us figure stuff out

I haven’t written poetry since I was a teenager, but I think I will start again.  I think that poetry can help articulate things that we might otherwise struggle with.  I will let you know how it goes!

Do you you know of any great spoken-word pieces that need to be shared? If so, please post their links in the comment box below.

Vanessa Rose