Day 85: “The thing is, I stutter” An honest Tedx talk by Megan Washington

Continuing on in my 365 Days of Ted journey I decided to watch a Ted talk from my own soil – Australia. I watched a Tedx talk from Australian singer Megan Washington  who she shared a personal truth with the audience “The thing is, I stutter.

Day 85- “The thing is, I stutter” An honest Tedx  talk by Megan Washington

Although I have been following Megan’s music for a couple of years I had no idea that she had a speech impediment.  I have heard countless interviews and speeches from Megan in the past but never heard a hint of a stutter. Had she not done this Ted talk I and many of her fans would have been none the wiser.

Finding new ways to communicate

Megan found out when she was a child that when she sings the stutter is gone. Apparently it is impossible to stutter when you sing. Singing is a way of fluently communicating for Megan and a way for her to get a message exactly as she had intended.

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I have such an awesome new-found respect for Megan Washington. It could not have been easy to give a Ted Talk with a stutter, but she pushed through it and delivered a talk that I am sure would have had a profound effect on quite a few people.

I have been reading the comments for Megan’s Tedx talk and there are so many replies from people who have a stutter themselves who now feel inspired and empowered.

Now I know what regular readers might be thinking.  A few weeks ago I wrote a post about how people living with conditions don’t want to be up on a pedestal and treated as inspiration porn, but whilst I understand that viewpoint, I do think that great things can happen when your story is shared.

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I knew kids in primary school who had a hard time growing up with a stutter and I think that watching a talk such as Megan’s that shows that her stutter has not defined her, it’s simply just one part of her, would have had a significant positive effect on their life.

I thank Megan for delivering one of the most honest Ted talks I have watched to date. If you haven’t watched it yet I recommend doing so and as a bonus you also get to see a live performance of her latest song.

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Vanessa Rose