Day 93: What are the clues to a great story?

Are you a pretty bad storyteller or you usually have a pretty captive audience? Do you know  what the ingredients to a good story is? Filmmaker (Toy Story) Andrew Stanton does and in his Ted talk, “The clues to a great story” he’s got the audience hooked within the first sixty seconds. How does he do it? Well, you will need to keep reading to find out.

Day 93- The clues to a  great story- A post inspired by Ted speaker Andrew Stanton

The ingredients of a good story

Storytelling is at the core of every human experience, it’s what we do. Stories have no boundaries and can take giant leaps through time and location.

Andrew talks about what it takes to tell a good story and it really comes down to three words; make me care, but how can we make someone care? Andrew’s Ted talk is full of great nuggets of wisdom but here are my three favourites.


Ted Speaker Andrew Stanton quote compiled by website confetti

The punchline.

You have to know the punchline of your story and know that every part of the story is leading to this one main singular goal.

Absence of information

Andrew says that humans are born problem-solvers, they just don’t want to know that they are having to solve all the pieces themselves. Andrew says the job of a good storyteller is to “hide the fact that you are making them work for their meal.”


Storyteller needs to create anticipation, leave the reader hanging on your every word.  

For more nuggets of wisdom I encourage you to watch Andrew’s talk.

How can I apply this to blogging?

Andrew is a filmmaker and naturally most of the references for this Ted talk was rooted in screenplays, but I don’t think that storytelling should be overlooked for bloggers.  There’s a crazy amount of new blogs being started up each day that it can be hard for readers to know which blog to gravitate towards. What usually draws me into a blog is the personality of the blogger, the tone of writing and what I like is when snippets of the author’s story are woven into the article.

storytelling for bloggers by Website Confetti

It’s not always appropriate for a blogger to include their story in a post, but a post can always use storytelling elements to really draw readers in. I think that as bloggers we need to start thinking of our posts as stories that incorporate a lot of those storytelling elements that Andrew includes in his Ted talk.

What’s your story? Share your story in the comment box below.

Vanessa Rose