Day 96: Are we reading the right news stories?

Ted speaker Kirk Citron is part of a project called The Now Foundation. It’s a foundation that seeks out news that will still matter, fifty, one-hundred even a thousands years from now. They look for stories that might make a difference to the future. So what type of news stories make up The Long News?

Day 96- Are we reading the right news stories-

This Ted talk was recorded in 2010 and the top news back then was the conflict in Afghanistan,  the swine flu outbreak, Michael Jacksons death, the Obama inauguration, the poor state of the economy  and the miraculous survival  stories after a plane crashed into the Hudson River.

Kirk says that none of those stories will matter in the long term. The recession will soon become old news .  Kirk offers some suggestions on the type of news that will make a difference such as

  • Science.
  • Resources
  • Global Politics
  • New discoveries

Kirk’s pick for the top news story of 2010? Water found on the moon.

Kirk ends his talk by telling the audience that in the long run some new stories are more important than others and this is where some friction comes into play for me. I do understand Kirk’s point-of-view. In the grand scheme of things, the Hudson River plane crash story pales in comparison to water being found on the moon. I mean who knows what the implications of that discovery could be in a hundred years from now, but on the other hand I don’t think that we should be minimizing events and news stories as they only hold immediate importance.

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I don’t think that news should be run through a grand-picture magnifying glass to test it’s future relevance and who’s to say that some news events that don’t seem like long news right now are not going to have some significant impact.

Events are connected. The Swine flu outbreak might have lead researchers down a path that will one day find a cure for the common cold. We just never know.

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In saying that, I don’t entirely disagree with Kirk. I think that news coverage needs a shake up. So often celebrity news stories make the front page of newspapers.  I don’t understand this. Surely there would be far more important news stories to share from a global of scientific perspective rather than who’s hooking up with who.  Their should be more science and real-world topics on the nightly news and less of which Kardashian just arrived at the local airport.

What do you think? Are we focusing on the right news items? Do you agree with Kirk? Share your opinions in the comment box below.

Vanessa Rose