Day 97: 3 things Ric Elias learned while his plane crashed into the Hudson River

Imagine being on a plane headed straight into the Hudson River. For Rick Elias he didn’t need to imagine this. In January 2009 this was his reality.   Ric uses his ted talk to share three things that he learned in those moments.

Day 97- 3 things Ric Elias learned while his plane crashed into the Hudson River (1)

The Hudson River plane crash of 2009 was a miracle story – a commercial plane lands into a river with not a single fatality. In his Ted talk “3 things I learned while my place crashed” Ric talks the audience through what it was like in those final minutes, including the moment that the pilot switched off the engine and said “the most unemotional” words Ric had ever heard “Brace for impact.”  Ric also shares the three things he learned about himself that day.

1. “I collect bad wines”

Ric thought about his bucket-list, all the things that we put off doing and store into this bucket until the time is right. He also started a new saying “I collect bad wines” because he doesn’t want to postpone life anymore, waiting for the right moment.   “Because if the wine is ready and the person is there, I’m opening it.”  Ric’s new sense of urgency has changed his purpose and his life.

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2. Don’t waste time on things that don’t matter.

As the plane just cleared the George Washington Bridge, another revelation became apparent to Ric, he had spent years letting his ego get in the way of things and had wasted time on things that don’t really matter. He made a decision to rid his life of negative energy as “I no longer try to be right; I choose to be happy”

3. The only thing that matters is being a good parent

As the plane was coming down Ric felt prepared to die, but he didn’t want to. He loved his life and his family. The whole experience of being a passenger on the plane that crashed into the Hudson River made him realise that above all, the only thing that truly matters in life is being a good dad.

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Ric ends his talk by telling the audience that he was given a gift that day.  The gift of surviving but also the gift of being able to see into the future and live differently.

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Vanessa Rose