Day 99: Ditch the overseas holiday, observe stillness instead

Want to know a radical notion? How about the next time that you are planning a jet-setting holiday you stay home instead and observe stillness? Ted speaker Pico Iyer swears by the benefits of adopting stillness in your life.

The travel bug hit Pico when he was a boy of nine years old. This ultimately led Pic to his career as a travel writer. As a travel writer he was privileged to see some truly amazing sights, such as the candlelit temples of Tibet or the seafronts of Havana. He wanted to bottle up the magic and bring it back home for his friends and to bring a touch of clarity into his own life but there was a flaw in his plan.

Your world and my world is different

We all experience the world in different ways. Our history, our truths, our beliefs shape how we perceive everything around us. Pico explains this with a  great analogy.  He says that you can take an angry man to the Himalayas but he will just complain about the food.  It just proves that you can’t change your life by outside sources, the change must start from within .

                                                                                                                                                                                        Change your mind. Change your life.

Pico said something that really stuck out for me. He said that in order to change our lives we must change our minds.  It is such a logical and common sense notion that I think its simplicity gets lost in our fast paced lives. We  tend to forget that the change so many of us our seeking starts within.

                             I don’t have time to be still  
I’m too busy to be still – are you mad!  That’s what I used to think until just recently.  A few months ago I wrote a post about about a Ted talk  from Andy Puddicombe about how all it takes to reach that stillness is a mindful 10 minutes.    Observing that stillness has helped me access this clarity that I never knew existed. It takes times to trigger that mindful habit but it’s worth the practice.


What about you? How do you find stillness in your life? Drop a comment in the box below.


Vanessa Rose