Follow your dreams…

Are you trying to grow an online business? Do you stay up late into the early hours of the morning, long past the family has gone to bed, so you can invest a couple of hours into  your business? Maybe you are an early worm, up before the the sun has even risen, writing out your business plan and doing market research?  Do you skip social engagements because dividing your time between your day job, your family and YOUR business is so time consuming that there are just no spare hours left in the day.

I’m betting for the most part you love that you are taking the initiative to launch and grow your business, but let’s be real here – sometimes it sucks. The fatigue, the social life sacrifice and the pressure on your finances can be hard – really tough.

I know it is for me which is why I have printed this image and placed it above my desk, because sometimes we all need a little reminder.

Follow Your Dreams with website confetti (1)


Feel free to share this image with anyone who you feel might need a motivational nudge..

Vanessa Rose