Day 145: Do you have the same values that you had 10 years ago?

Can Iask you a question? It might be a little personal.  Do you have the same values that you had ten years ago?  Have you changed? I’m guessing, for better or worse  the answer is yes. Who you are right now in this very moment is most probably not the same person you were ten years ago and is very likely not who you will be in ten years time. This was the topic of Dan Gilbert’s Ted talk “The psychology of your future self.

The rate of change
   Kids seem to change by the minute where as parents seem to change by the year. It is well known and understood that the youth will change quite a lot in ten years. A lot can happen between being eighteen and twenty-eight.   I remember when I was ten I wrote a letter to my eighteen year old-self. I read the letter when I was about nineteen and it was quite clear that my thirteen year old self thought being eighteen was more like being twenty-eight!

The thing is that people assume that as we get older the rate of change decreases and we pretty much remain the same person in terms of values and beliefs. Whilst Dan agrees that the rate of change does slow as we get older it doesn’t stop.  It’s quite feasible to think that in ten years time you will have a different personality.

Would you trust your former self?

Think back to ten years ago. What type of person were you? What did you believe in? What values did you strongly protect? Were you outgoing? Shy? Arrogant? Kind? Now be really honest here, if by some weird science-fiction magic you could meet your former self right-now would you trust them to make decisions  based on who you are today?  I guess the main takeaway for me from this Ted talk was that we need to maintain an open mind and know that who we are in this moment is not a roadmap for who we are going to be and that’s not a bad thing.

If you could tell your former self one thing right now what would it be? How about your future self? Any important life lessons that you want to make sure doesn’t get lost in time? I would love to read all about it in the comment box below!

Vanessa Rose