• Above-the-fold
    Above-the-fold is a word used to describe the part of the website that is visible to site visitors before they need to scroll down.
  • Early adopters
    Early adopters are the first group of customers to purchase or sign-up to a product or service, often during the early development phase. An example of an early adopter would be the thousands of customers around the world that line-up at the Apple store overnight each time a new product is being released.
  • Evergreen content
    Evergreen content  refers to content that doesn’t expire. The content would be just as relevant today as it would be in the future. Examples of evergreen content would be tutorials and how-to guides.
  • Impression
    Impression is a metric used to measure how many times a web advertisement has been viewed.
  • Minimum viable product
    Minimum viable product: A minimum viable  product, often referred to a MVP, is a product or service that is released in the early stages of development as a way to test and experiment with features. The subsequent versions of the product or service will be as a direct result from feedback given from these first group of customers, otherwise known as early adopters.
  • Scarcity selling
    Scarcity is a marketing technique framed in a way that it places a sense of urgency on the promotion.  An example would be ‘Buy now to save 50% offer ends July 30th midnight’
  • Spruiking
    To vocally advertise a product or service to a passerby or group of people.  
  • Unique visitors
    Unique visitors relate to how many different people have visited your website in a measurable period.  For example, if you look at your website’s traffic analytics for a daily report and visitor X visits your website 10 times within that one day, that person would only be counted as 1 unique visitor for that time period.