Day 29: Got a meeting? Take a walk

What if I told you that there was something about you that had the potential to make you sick. I mean really sick. Would you want to know about it?  Ted speaker Nilofer Merchant’s Ted talk “Got a meeting? take a walk” delivers a message about the sit-down epidemic sweeping our world.

We sit down too much!

We spend a lot of time on our behind. We play video games, use the computer and watch television all on our behind. In fact Nilofer says on average we spend 9.5 hours each and every day sitting down.   This can’t be good for us! Lack of physical activity increases our risk of diseases such as diabetes and bowel cancer. Despite these real risks of sitting down too much Nilofer says like herself,  most people wont pay attention to the warnings. What eventually made Nilofer address issue of sitting down too much was the social interaction that getting up meant.   One day Nilofer was invited to a meeting but none of the conference rooms were available, so they decided to meet and walk over a dog talk. Nilofer loved this concept so much, she made it her own and it changed her life. Several hundred walking meetings later Nilofer still swears by it!

Say goodbye to stuffy meeting rooms. Hello fresh air!

I hate having meetings in conference rooms.  The rooms are usually fluorescent lit, lacking air circulation and usually has a staleness vibe about it.   Meetings over coffee and lunch are more relaxed but at the end of the day it’s still a sit-down meeting – just add coffee and lunch.  Personally I am not a fan of eating during meetings, well not meeting where I don’t know the other parties well enough.  It’s a mental minefield of what to order, how much to order, is there food on my teeth – you get the idea. I’d much rather be walking!

I usually get my best ideas when I am out walking so why not combine meetings with walkings? Taking a meeting outside the confinement of four walls and into an environment of fresh air and adrenaline is sure to make ideas flow to the surface. Outside-the-box meetings would no doubt result in outside-the-box thinking.

Today’s action step

If I was the type of person to attend a lot of meetings I would definitely be looking to change some of those to walking meetings. I don’t really attend many meetings anymore and If I do, due to location, it’s usually a video meeting.

Despite my lack of meetings I still want to somehow incorporate Nilofer’s key message into my life  and that it to stop sitting down so much. I spend a crazy amount of time online working on my blogs and online shop and I have started to notice I am getting all the more fatigued for it. For this reason I would love to give the standing desk a try.For those unfamiliar with a standing desk it simply is a desk that is at the right height to be able to stand whilst using the computer.  Many people swear by it. Many people grow sick of it but I won’t know what I think of it until I give it a try.  I will let you know how it goes!

Have you ever given walking meetings a shot? I would love to hear your experiences. Please feel free to comment below.