Day 178: How to become a minimalist

Feeling stuck? Are you looking to simplify your life and live with intent? TED speakers Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus might have the answer for you in their TED talk “A rich life with less stuff” a TED talk about minimalism.

The TED talk kicked off by Ryan sharing the backstory on what led him to be on that stage and his reason was one we can all relate to – Ryan had been on a pursuit for happiness, but this pursuit actually caused him misery. In his eyes he would not obtain that happiness unless he became rich but how do you define rich anyway? Is the amount of make you make each year? Is that the amount of stuff you can buy with that money?

On the surface it seemed that Ryan was living the American Dream. He had everything that he was meant to want, flashy new cars, a large home, a six-figure income but he wasn’t happy. Far from it, he was miserable but he noticed something. His best friend Joshua was happy and he wanted to know why. Joshua shared his secret – minimalism.

My first thoughts on this TED talk was that whilst it was a valid topic, it was one that we have heard over and over again. Downsize your life, be happy. The more you own, the more it owns you.. I believe that we all already know this on some level but how many of us actually put this minimalists approach into practice? There seems to be a never end source of videos, podcasts, textbooks and so on telling us to live with less but never really explaining how. That’s what I loved about this TED talk. Ryan shared with the audience how with Joshua’s help the two boxed up EVERYTHING Ryan owned, furniture, clothes, utensils EVERYTHING. Pretty extreme right? Ryan had one rule. He could take out anything from the boxes that he needed within a three-week period and after those twenty-one days were up all the boxes would be donated.

Ryan is now much more content. He may not be materialistically rich but

Are you happy? How do you define happiness? Let me know in the comment box below.


Vanessa Rose