My Story


Blogging for 10 years but still feel like the training wheels are on

Hi my name is Vanessa I am an Aussie blogger, online shop owner and a retro addict.

I launched my first blog in 2004, it was a wedding blog and did quite well for a few years, but a few years after launching it I came to a realisation- I don’t want to be a wedding blogger! After that there were a few more blogs. I had the typical journal type blog of the early 2000’s (i’m too scared to google it) If I am really honest my very, very first would have been in the late 90’s and was a fan page for the Sliders TV show hosted at Geocities. I was obsessed, well until about the third season – it all went downhill from there.

Website Confetti marks a shift in my mindset. It was started as a platform for me to write about business and marketing .   I hope in time readership and the community around this blog will grow.  Online business is  a big passion of mine. I have spent the past few years reading and reading and reading whatever I could about online business but there’s a point when you just have to get off the fence and do something.  For me that ‘something’ was an online  commerce shop  which I launched early this year and it fills me with so much joy.   I have several other online projects that I would like to gradually roll out. This blog is a platform for me to discuss those things.

Despite being the type of person that likes things to fall into place pretty much instantly, I am under no illusions that being a shiny new blog, especially in such a crowded niche, readership will take some time to pick up, if at all.  After all this time  I still have my blogger training wheels on and to be completely honest I am still learning what this blog’s voice really is.  This is what  put me off starting this blog for so long but sometimes you just have to figure things out as you go along. So please bear with me as I find that voice I will try not to run over your toes with my blogger training wheels!