Donate one hour is a monthly commitment I started after watching Paul Piff’s Ted talk “Does money make you mean.” on day three. The premise of the talk was that as people get wealthier they become more greedy and their sense of empathy decreases. Now I know that is a general statement and you should read the blog post to get the full context and watch Paul’s Ted talk in full.

How this works

On the 1st of every month I will publish a new blog post about a charity or cause to support. I will also donate either an hour of my wage or an hour of my time to the cause and ask readers to consider doing the same either to the charity I have mentioned to any other cause that is close to your heart. Now ofcourse you can donate more than an hour of your wage or an hour of your time. The reason I have chosen one hour as it is a tangible amount that’s not too intimidating.  My wish for Website Confetti is that as the readership grows so does the power of what good we can do collectively.

Spread the word

Each time you donate one hour of your pay and/or time I would love if you could come back here and let me know in the comments below. You can also let all your family and friends know that you involved by using the hashtag #donateonehour