Day 143: A song about “ceaseless yearning and never-ending want”

Ted speaker and muso Nora York brings to the Ted stage a musical number about “ceaseless yearning and never-ending want.” Let’s face it’s something that we have all gone through at some stage.

“I want what I can’t have, need what I can’t want “ These were the core lyrics being repeated, so simple, yet so easy to resonate with. “Sick and tired of the “Later, maybe”

What I took from this number is that we are never going to be satisfied if we get stuck in this loop of always wanting more. There is a flipside to this. I think that we need to strike a healthy balance between want and appreciation. I think that we should always thrive for growth and never stand still, but I think that we do need to learn to appreciate the things that we already have. Maybe what we have is enough.

“I gotta just claim it I gotta just seize” I guess it comes down to the motive behind our “want.” If it’s just to out-do our neighbours and keep up with the Joneses, then maybe it’s time to stop and appreciate what we already have, but if our “want” is not rooted in materialistic gains but is more about having a growth-mindest and wanting to be the best version of ourselves that we can possible be, then I don’t think ‘want’ is such a bad thing. So really, the question we should ask ourselves is; are we wanting the right things?

What did you think of Nora’s songs? (Props must also go out to Jamie Lawrence, Steve Tarshis and Arthur Kell who were on keyboard, guitar and bass.) Did you resonate with it, agree with my take on it or have a completely different view point. Let me know in the comment section below.

Vanessa Rose