Day 97: 3 things Ric Elias learned while his plane crashed into the Hudson River

Day 97- 3 things Ric Elias learned while his plane crashed into the Hudson River (1)

Imagine being on a plane headed straight into the Hudson River. For Rick Elias he didn’t need to imagine this. In January 2009 this was his reality.   Ric uses his ted talk to share three things that he learned in those moments. The Hudson River plane crash of 2009 was a miracle story - a commercial plane lands into a river with not a single fatality. In his Ted talk “3 things I learned while my place crashed” Ric talks the audience through what it was like in those final minutes, including the moment that the pilot switched off the engine and said “the most unemotional” words Ric had ever heard “Brace for impact.”  Ric also shares the three things he learned about himself that day. 1. “I collect bad wines” Ric thought about his bucket-list, all the things that we put off doing and store into this bucket until the time is right. He also started a new saying “I collect bad wines” because he doesn’t want to postpone life anymore, … [Read more...]

Day 95: Success is a continuous journey. A post inspired by Richard St. John

Day 95- Success is a continuous journey. A post inspired by Richard St. John

What happens when you reach success? Can you let your guard down a bit, knowing that you can know reap the rewards of all that hard work or do you have to keep going? Ted speaker Richard St. John  discusses this very question in his Ted talk “Success is a continuous journey” I first featured Richard St John early on in my 365 Days of Ted challenge . On that occasion I was writing about his Ted talk, “8 Secrets of Success”    Richard’s talk back then was offering a very insightful and structured look on what it takes to become successful.  It was probably one of my favourite Ted talks that I have watched, infact I still have a printable above my desk listing all his action steps. On Richards journey to success he was bursting with ideas. He was constantly trying to do better and improve because he had his eye on the prize, success, but what happens when you reach success? For Richard reaching success was like reaching a stop sign, … [Read more...]

Day 94: The danger of a single story.

Day 94- The danger of a single story

Do you have a single story? That one story, that  one thing about you that really defines who you are, the story that people will construct about you without actually getting to know you? It's their shorthand  for 'you'. Ted speaker and novelist Chimamanda Adichie shares with her Ted audience her experiences of being defined by a single story and why the single story can be a dangerous thing. What is the single story? The single story is the shorthand that we default to when we  have limited information about a person or situation.  We might have a snippet of information such as a person's birthplace and then we subconsciously raid our internal reference bank and construct a story about a person based solely on our preconceived ideas.   The danger in this of-course is that so often we construct the wrong story and this ends up breeding resentment, conflicts and on a global scales even wars. Chimamanda was an early reader, writing … [Read more...]

Day 93: What are the clues to a great story?

Day 93- The clues to a  great story- A post inspired by Ted speaker Andrew Stanton

Are you a pretty bad storyteller or you usually have a pretty captive audience? Do you know  what the ingredients to a good story is? Filmmaker (Toy Story) Andrew Stanton does and in his Ted talk, “The clues to a great story” he’s got the audience hooked within the first sixty seconds. How does he do it? Well, you will need to keep reading to find out. The ingredients of a good story Storytelling is at the core of every human experience, it’s what we do. Stories have no boundaries and can take giant leaps through time and location. Andrew talks about what it takes to tell a good story and it really comes down to three words; make me care, but how can we make someone care? Andrew’s Ted talk is full of great nuggets of wisdom but here are my three favourites.   The punchline. You have to know the punchline of your story and know that every part of the story is leading to this one main singular goal. Absence of … [Read more...]

Day 92: “Should you donate differently?” asks Ted speaker Joy Sun?

Day 92- -Should you donate differently-- asks Ted speaker Joy Sun

Ted speaker and veteran aid worker Joy Sun thinks that we should rethink the way we donate money. In her Ted talk “Should you donate differently?” she shares alternative ways to help the poor. Joy Sun, had an epiphany ten years into her work as a veteran aid worker. Rather than help the poor by putting money into projects such as training and school, why not redistribute that money as cold hard cash into the hands of the poor themselves? Until that moment, Joy held two assumptions Poor people are poor in part due to lack of education and make bad choices. The poor need people such as veteran aid workers to help make decisions for them and get them what they need. Condescending? Well yes, but if you think about it, and I hadn’t before just now,  I think that western society is actually really guilty of thinking that we need to be the decision makers for the less fortunate countries. Unconditional Giving Joy now supports … [Read more...]

Day 91: How Joe Kowan conquered stage fright. His Ted talk explains it all.

Day 91- How Joe Kowan conquered stage fright. His Ted talk explains it all.

Imagine being a would-be musician with stage fright? Well Joe Kowan didn’t have to imagine it, that was his reality for the longest time.  He would write songs and only play them for himself as he was too afraid to show the world, or his roommates who were in the next room! On the week of his 30’s birthday he decided to conquer his fear once and for all. In his Ted talk “How I beat stage fright” Joe shares with us exactly how he got over his fear and got on that stage. On the week of his thirtieth birthday Joe decided he couldn’t let stage fright dictate his life any more. Plucking up every ounce of courage he had, Joe went to an open open mic event. Now if this were a movie, maybe Joe would have beaten his stage fright there and then and maybe he would have even received a standing ovation, but this is real life. Joe’s  first experience as a solo singer-writer was a mess. His body gave way to a wavering voice and he starts to … [Read more...]

Day 90: Why lunch ladies are heroes

Day 90- Why lunch ladies are heroes. A post inspired by Ted speaker Jarrett J. Krosoczka

When Jarrett Krosoczka's  first children’s books was published he went to his old elementary school to give a talk to the kids about being an author and illustrator.  On that visit he spotted his old lunch lady, Jeannie and that meeting sparked the evolution  of his comic series Lunch Lady graphic novel series. Jarrett uses his Ted talk “Why lunch ladies are heroes” to share with us why that encounter with his former lunch lady inspired him. When Jarrett bumped into his lunch lady she didn’t recognize him. She thought that he was his uncle. Jarrett was amazed that she could recognize his family. Jeannie filled Jarrett in on her life, she had grandkids and kids. Grandkids? Kids? Jarrett had never thought before of lunch ladies having a life outside of the school grounds. His imagination went into overdrive; what if their was a lunch lady who used fish sticks nunchucks to fight off evil cyborgs? And so the Lunch Lady comic book series … [Read more...]

Day 89: This Ted speaker packed nothing for TedActive but 7 pairs of undies

Ted Speaker Jessie Arrington quote compiled by website confetti

Don’t you hate packing for holidays and conferences? I certainly do. Regular readers might remember that  I have posted about my clothes packing dilemmas before. That’s why I think designer Jessi Arrington is one brave woman. She packed nothing in her suitcase for TedActive except for 7 pairs of undies! Jessi Arrington never buys new clothing, but she is “outfit-obsessed”. She buys all her clothing from second-hand stores. She arrived in Palm Springs for her TedActive talk with nothing in her suitcase but undies as she trusted once she arrived she would be able to buy some second hand clothes and create some unique outfits. She uses her Ted talk “Wearing nothing new” to share images of her newly found 7 outfits and also shares some life lessons that she has stumbled upon whilst wearing nothing new. 7 Life lessons learned from wearing nothing new according to Jessie Arringto 1. You don’t need to spend a lot of money to look … [Read more...]

Day 88: What is MOOC’s and how it’s changing the education landscape.

Day 88- What is MOOC’s and how it’s changing the education landscape. by Website Confetti

The education landscape is changing.  Not so long ago students in lecture halls were armed with pens and lecture pads. These days students in lecture halls are armed with mobile phones, laptops and tablets. Ted speaker Anant Agarwal has a message to share in his Ted talk “Why MOOC’s still matter” he believes that we shouldn’t fight technology in the classroom, we should be embracing it. What is MOOC? MOOC stands for Massive Open Online Courses which is available for free online to anyone anywhere in the world with an internet connection and a willingness to learn. Courses can be self-paced or run on a set schedule.  Credentials might even be offered on some courses. MOOC’s is an amazing way to get knowledge in the hands of those who might be otherwise limited by finances or location. The reach that a course delivered through MOOC’s has goes well beyond the reach a physical classroom has. What universities can learn from … [Read more...]

Day 87: Ted speaker Miles Burke shares 11 lessons that he has learned from making mistakes.

87- Ted speaker Miles Burke shares 11 lessons that he has learned from making mistakes.

I've been doing my 365 Days of Ted challenge for 87 days now and a pretty glaringly obvious truth has emerged - failure is the foundation of success. I’m not making this stuff up!  Ted speaker Miles Burke is a self-professed failure, but there is a silver lining. In his Ted talk “11 lessons learned through mistakes,” Miles shares with us what some of his mistakes have taught him. Miles broke down his Ted talk into 11 bite sized nuggets of wisdoms that we can all use into our business lives. 11 Lessons learned through mistakes - according to Miles Burke Mistakes can be lessons or failures.  It’s up to us what we decide to do with our mistakes. Are we going to sulk or feel sorry for ourselves, or are we going to use that mistake as a learning tool to grow. Dream big, plan small.  Miles says that although dreaming big is good, all entrepreneurs do it, you need to plan small, plan for next week, next month, next year. … [Read more...]