Day 90: Why lunch ladies are heroes

Day 90- Why lunch ladies are heroes. A post inspired by Ted speaker Jarrett J. Krosoczka

When Jarrett Krosoczka's  first children’s books was published he went to his old elementary school to give a talk to the kids about being an author and illustrator.  On that visit he spotted his old lunch lady, Jeannie and that meeting sparked the evolution  of his comic series Lunch Lady graphic novel series. Jarrett uses his Ted talk “Why lunch ladies are heroes” to share with us why that encounter with his former lunch lady inspired him. When Jarrett bumped into his lunch lady she didn’t recognize him. She thought that he was his uncle. Jarrett was amazed that she could recognize his family. Jeannie filled Jarrett in on her life, she had grandkids and kids. Grandkids? Kids? Jarrett had never thought before of lunch ladies having a life outside of the school grounds. His imagination went into overdrive; what if their was a lunch lady who used fish sticks nunchucks to fight off evil cyborgs? And so the Lunch Lady comic book series … [Read more...]

Day 49: Google Science Fair Winners

Finishing off my Amazing Human series theme week is a Ted talk by three teenagers who won the 2011 inaugural Google Science Fair. Lauren Hodge, Shree Bose and Naomi Shah use their Ted talk to explain their award-winning projects. Meet Lauren, Naomi and Shree First up was Lauren discussing the effect that different marinades have on the levels of carcinogens in grilled chicken. She was led down this path after reading about a lawsuit involving seven  fast food restaurants and the Physician's Committee for Responsible Medicine. The restaurant were being sued for failing to disclose the potential of their being dangerous substances in their food. Her high school lab wasn't sufficient enough to carry out her research so after emailing 200 people in a five-hour radius of her home she got one yes and her project was born. Following Lauren was Shree’s talk discussing her project - cancer research, more specifically how to treat patients … [Read more...]

Day 48: What do teachers make? A post inspired by ted speaker Taylor Mali

When setting out to do my Amazing Human series I didn’t set out to feature teachers.  It’s not that I was intentionally staying clear of teachers, it’s just that they weren’t front of mind when I was thinking about who to include in my Amazing Human series, but after listening to Rita Pierson talk earlier this week I have a new found appreciation for teachers and what they do.  I am ashamed to say this, but I never gave teachers proper credit before. Sure on some level I knew that teachers are important at educating new generations, but I never really stopped to think about what difference they could really make, not only on an academic level but also on character building. On Day 42 I published a post by Tedx speaker Barbara Corcoran. Barbara candidly spoke about the emotional scars that her primary school teacher had left on her self-esteem. That reminded me of the damage that teachers could do.  Perhaps this why, on some … [Read more...]

Day 47: A post inspired by Ted speaker Maya Penn who started her business at 8 years old

Continuing on with my Amazing Human series is a post inspired by Ted speaker Maya Penn, a cartoonist, designer, entrepreneur and activist. Maya says she is part of a new wave of entrepreneurs who not only seeks a successful businesses, but also wants to do her bit in building a sustainable future. Did I mention Maya was only eight years old when she launched her business? Meet Maya Penn Maya Penn is the girl I wish I was at thirteen.  She’s confident, creativity bursting with talent and has a good social conscious.  Maya's motivated by art and the environment and incorporates this it into everything she does such as her business  Maya’s Ideas and her nonprofit Maya’s Ideas for The Planet that she launched when she was eight. Yes eight years old! Maya's Idea is a fashion label of handmade clothing.  Maya didn't have a business plan at eight years old, she learnt all about running a business as she went along, but she was certain on … [Read more...]

Day 46: The power of texting. A post inspired by Ted speaker Nancy Lublin

texting can save lives do something

Continuing on with my Amazing Humans series is a post about CEO of Do Something Nancy Lublin and he'd Ted talk “texting can save lives.” When Do Something changed their communication method to text messaging something extraordinary happened, teens texted back, and what they had to say changed the way the organisation operates.  It's about social change Do Something is a social change website inspiring youth to get involved in causes which they they are passionate about. The site is aimed at kids and teenagers and gives them a platform to be an activist for positive social change in their schools and community. Most of the causes are small easily tangible things that can be done in a short amount of time. That doesn’t mean that they don’t leave a big impact.  For example, one cause currently promoted on their front page is to make a birthday card to be distributed to a child living in a homeless shelter.  It might seem irrelevant … [Read more...]

Day 45: Every kid needs a champion. A post inspired by Rita Pierson

every kid needs a champion

Meet  Rita Pierson - the school teacher with grit.  During my 365 Days of Ted, some talks have had more of an impact than others. Every talk I choose to write about has moved me or challenged me in some way,  Rita Pierson’s talk is no exception, which is why I have included her in my Amazing Human's series Rita’s message is a simple, but crucial one “Every kid needs a champion." Rita, Mrs Pierson, is a  straight-talker with all heart. She is the type of teacher I wish I had in high-school.  The majority of my teachers did their job - they taught the curriculum and I was semi-willing student so I got decent grades, but I don’t know if I was really ever inspired by them.  It’s not that they were bad teachers.  I think that it just became a job to them, not a career.  Quite  a few teachers ended up resigning  and moving on to completely unrelated fields.  The exception is two teachers I had who did seem to have a genuine passion for … [Read more...]

Day 44: Can boys have Easy-Bake Ovens too? A post inspired by McKenna Pope

easy-bake-oven for boys

When McKenna Pope was 12 years old she convinced major US toy company Hasbro to market their Easy-Bake Oven in gender neutral colours. That experience has proved to Mckenna that we are all capable of making a positive change, regardless of age. She shares this message with her peers at TedYouth 2013. When McKenna’s little brother was four he wanted to be a chef. He would raid the fridge and mix ingredients into “uneatable concoctions” At first he badly wanted an Easy-Bake Oven, but then even at the young age of four he picked up on something, Hasbro weren’t marketing their Easy-Bake Ovens to boys. The commercials only featured little girls and the product packaging and the oven itself was pink - everything about the product was gender specific to girls. McKenna was on a mission. She launched a petition on directed as Hasbro asking them to consider having a more gender neutral approach to their product and … [Read more...]

Day 43: Sam Bern’s philosophy for a happy life

Kicking off a new theme week of amazing humans I just had to start with Sam Berns.  Sam Berns was the subject of a documentary called Life According to Sam.  Sam suffered from progeria - a condition which has a life expectancy of 13. The documentary shared the journey of Sam and his doctor parents trying to fight the race against time to find a treatment to prolong Sam’s life. Being from Australia I haven't had the opportunity to watch Sam’s documentary. I first learnt about Sam from watching his Tedx talk last year. I watched it several times, each time coming away with a new insight, a new awareness. I remember feeling sheer sadness when I heard that Sam died in January 2014, only three months after giving this talk, a talk which has since become his legacy. What is progeria Sam Berns was diagnosed with progeria as a toddler. Progeria is a rare condition affecting only 35 kids worldwide that accelerates ageing. The symptoms are … [Read more...]