Day 39: Why bronze medalists are happier than silver medalists. A post inspired by Ted speaker Sarah Lewis

Is success and mastery the same thing? Why is a bronze medalist more happier than a silver medalist. Ted speaker Sarah Lewis has the answers in her presentation asking us to “Embrace the near win” What is the difference between success and mastery Sarah’s first job as an art historian at the Museum of Modern Art defined how she would forever perceive success. Sarah was working in an exhibit for artist Elizabeth Murray. Sarah, who was captivated by the work, was stunned to hear the artist express her disappointment at some pieces, she thought that they  didn't quite hit the mark. That conversation, changed everything for Sarah. “In that moment, my view of success and creativity changed. I realized that success is a moment, but what we’re always celebrating is creativity and mastery. We often want the moment of completion, but what really propels us is the unfinished.” So success is fleeting, its outcome oriented, it’s ingrained in a … [Read more...]

Is this ‘Fear Failure’ ADIDAS tshirt sending out the wrong message?

fear failure

Have you ever seen a slogan on a tshirt that has made you do a double take? This post discusses one such shirt from ADIDAS and why it made me do a double take for all the wrong reasons. Earlier this week I saw a young dad wearing a t-shirt with a slogan that has really stuck with me and not in a good way. This dad of a couple of young kids was wearing an ADIDAS tshirt with the words ‘Fear Failure’  I have seen this shirt before, but I have never really took a moment to really digest what message this shirt was sending out. Let's think about this for a second. What is fear? Fear is panic. Fear is terror. Fear is anxiety. Fear is avoidance. Sure it would be great if we could avoid failure and succeed every time (actually that could be a bit boring) but we will never truly know for sure  if we are going to succeed at something unless we try and if we fear failing so intensely we might actually avoid trying all together. Fear of … [Read more...]