Day 91: How Joe Kowan conquered stage fright. His Ted talk explains it all.

Day 91- How Joe Kowan conquered stage fright. His Ted talk explains it all.

Imagine being a would-be musician with stage fright? Well Joe Kowan didn’t have to imagine it, that was his reality for the longest time.  He would write songs and only play them for himself as he was too afraid to show the world, or his roommates who were in the next room! On the week of his 30’s birthday he decided to conquer his fear once and for all. In his Ted talk “How I beat stage fright” Joe shares with us exactly how he got over his fear and got on that stage. On the week of his thirtieth birthday Joe decided he couldn’t let stage fright dictate his life any more. Plucking up every ounce of courage he had, Joe went to an open open mic event. Now if this were a movie, maybe Joe would have beaten his stage fright there and then and maybe he would have even received a standing ovation, but this is real life. Joe’s  first experience as a solo singer-writer was a mess. His body gave way to a wavering voice and he starts to … [Read more...]

Day 87: Ted speaker Miles Burke shares 11 lessons that he has learned from making mistakes.

87- Ted speaker Miles Burke shares 11 lessons that he has learned from making mistakes.

I've been doing my 365 Days of Ted challenge for 87 days now and a pretty glaringly obvious truth has emerged - failure is the foundation of success. I’m not making this stuff up!  Ted speaker Miles Burke is a self-professed failure, but there is a silver lining. In his Ted talk “11 lessons learned through mistakes,” Miles shares with us what some of his mistakes have taught him. Miles broke down his Ted talk into 11 bite sized nuggets of wisdoms that we can all use into our business lives. 11 Lessons learned through mistakes - according to Miles Burke Mistakes can be lessons or failures.  It’s up to us what we decide to do with our mistakes. Are we going to sulk or feel sorry for ourselves, or are we going to use that mistake as a learning tool to grow. Dream big, plan small.  Miles says that although dreaming big is good, all entrepreneurs do it, you need to plan small, plan for next week, next month, next year. … [Read more...]

Day 42: Two key lessons I took from Barbara Corcoran’s Tedx Talk “Rethinking failure.”


  Finishing off my crushing fear of failure theme week is a post inspired by Tedx speaker Barbara Corcoran and her presentation “Rethinking failure.” There’s something about Barbara that just draws you in.  Maybe it’s the engaging way she tells a story or the way she candidly speaks, as if talking to a  friend. Whatever it is, this Tedx talk has been one of my favourites to date. Although there were many nuggets of wisdom throughout this talk, there was two important lesson that really stuck out for me.   It begins with a story Barbara kicks off her Tedx talk by sharing a story about being a second grader who couldn’t read or write. It didn’t bother her, she would get the hang of it by the third grade, but it did bother the school nun who told her that if she didn’t learn to pay attention she would always be stupid. I have always thought that school teachers need to be careful with their words. So often they say … [Read more...]

Day 41: The 1 key takeaway from Jonathan Fields Tedx talk that has changed my approach to failure forever

Failure, is an inevitable part of life. It’s part and parcel of being human. Sure, it doesn’t always feel good, actually it can feel plain lousy, but we have a choice about how we choose to handle failure. Tedx speaker Jonathan Field has a message to share in his talk “Turning fear into fail.” He wants us to know that we need to disempower failure and shake away the hold that it has on us and he has some tangible techniques to get us there. The only thing certain in life is uncertainty in 2001 New Yorker Jonathan Fields wanted to quit the corporate world and open up a yoga studio. He leased a studio for his new venture, signing the contract for a 6 year lease on September 10. The next morning he woke up to find out that his city was on fire. Retelling the story, it’s clear that September 11 is still as vivid to Jonathan as it was all those years ago. During the hours that followed two questions came to mind, did Jonathan and his … [Read more...]

Day 40: Why doesn’t anyone want to talk about failure? A post inspired by TedxTeen speakers Tara Suri and Niha Jain

Time for Change

This past week during Crush fear of failure week I have blogged about Ted talks that were about embracing the failure or near-wins and treating them as gifts, as powerful motivators to achieve even more than first thought possible. I blogged about failure being used in the pursuit of mastery and how success was fleeting.  For day 40 I wanted to share a Ted talk I watched about how there is really no guidance out there teaching us how to fail. The spectacularly failed summer This is the first time I am featuring a Ted talk from Tedx Teen and a talk with two speaks Tara Suri and Niha Jain. Tara and Niha’s talk “Learning to fail” was inspired by by their teens “spectacularly failed summer” Tara, Niha and another student Maddie Smith had gone to a small community in India to make a change.   85% of the woman in that community had been forced into prostitution and the trio wanted to break the cycle. They set out to empower the woman by … [Read more...]

Day 38: 3 Reasons why failure is a gift. A post inspired by Markus Zusak’s TedxSydney talk

Have you ever failed before? If yes, did you say thank-you for your gift?  Tedx speaker  and author of The Book Thief Markus Zusak, gives a Tedx talk about success and how for him, it usually comes gift-wrapped in a box of failure. This post pinpoints the three top gifts  that we can receive from failure. 1. Failure makes you crave success I love watching Ted talks given by novelists. Authors are a special breed. They just have this special storytelling quality that draws you into their world. It's kind of special. Markus shared some childhood stories about his failures. One such story was from when he was eight years old and at a discus competition. He failed pretty badly. Three fouls. He was a mess. Balling his eyes out as his sister did the official sisterly sibling-love thing and yelled out 'three fouls' over and over again. Young Markus was shattered but not defeated. Failure can motivate you to take the action that you need to … [Read more...]

Day 37: Why failure and success are kind of the same.

Do you have a fear of failure? How about a fear of success? Ted talk  "Success, failure and the drive to keep creating" is all about the parallels between being wildly successful and a struggling artist. Elizabeth Gilbert of being a writer post Eat,Pray,Love This is not Elizabeth's first Ted talk.   On day 25  I wrote a blog post about  Elizabeth's first Ted talk.  In this Ted talk Elizabeth was on the tail-end of the huge promotional blitz  surrounding the Hollywood movie that was based on her popular novel Eat, Pray, Love. In that talk Elizabeth candidly shared her fears and realisations that everyone was expecting all her future work to fail. She knew that she probably would never replicate the success of Eat,Pray, Love, and that put her in a very vulnerable position - should she even continue writing. Elizabeth found a way to make peace with her situation and it mainly had to do with how she defines creativity as not being a … [Read more...]

Day 36: Meet Caleb Meakins, the expert in failure

crush fear of failure

We have all experienced it from time to time. That feeling in the pit of your stomach that spreads into your entire being making you numb. It can stop us from doing the things that we want to do, meeting the people who we want to meet and visiting the places that we want to see. What is it? It’s fear of failure which is also this week’s theme for 365 Days of Ted.  Tedx speaker Caleb Meakins is the self-titled 'expert in failure' and shares his stories  about how he created the 40 Days of Rejection to help overcome his own fear of failure and rejection. What would you do if you couldn't fail? When Caleb Meakins finished his degree he decided to start a business. His business idea had previously won him a Social Enterprise Award at his university and with his entrepreneurial spirit intact he decided to see the year out after graduating  to launch his business. His fellow students had different ideas. Some were going to travel.  Others … [Read more...]