Using less free time as an advantage

dont waste time

There was a time in my life when I was working 10-12 hour days spread across two jobs.  I was also working on launching my e-commerce store during this time.  This post was written during that time and will share the lessons I learnt about how limited spare time was the catalyst I needed to change my mindset and productivity habits. I currently work long hours at my two jobs.  I made a vow to myself at the start of this year to get rid of years of accumulated personal debt by taking on another job.  10-15 hours a day is typical for me  at the moment.  It’s a short-term arrangement, but it has taught me an important lesson in critical focus time. I was under the impression  when I started working longer days, that those days would essentially be write-offs in doing anything remotely productive outside of my paying job. I thought that my days off would be the days that matter, the days that pushed me forward in my endeavour to launch my … [Read more...]