Day 35: Are you gritty? Your success depends on it

facing failure

Are you living your life like it’s a marathon or a sprint? Ted speaker Angela Lee Duckworth has a message to share about the “key to success” and that is that success is not determined by I.Q but by that unique trait that some are born with and others develop over time - grit. What exactly is grit? Today’s blog post is a response to how I am feeling in this moment. Not wanting to break the chain I write today’s post in the midst of feeling quite frankly awful. My head hurts my body is overcome with some pretty serious fatigue. I feel like I am having a hangover, despite not having had a drink for weeks. Every part of my being wants to rest my head on a pillow and check out for the day, but there is a little voice inside my head, a voice that is being suffocated slightly by the Sandman who wants to bring me pleasant dreams, and that tiny voice that is struggling to get through is called grit. It’s hanging on by a thread today but … [Read more...]

Day 34: Need inspiration? Take time off

It’s 365 Days of Ted productivity week and my last few talks have been about working less! Yesterday I wrote about how we can find that work-life balance and for day 34 I am blogging about taking time off from regular working duties. Ted talk “The power of time off” is Stefan Sagmeister story about why every seven years he takes a one-year long sabbatical. He shares why he thinks that time off is invaluable to becoming more innovative. How Stefan Sagmeister’s sabbaticals work Stefan runs a design studio in New York. Over time Stefan started to get bored with the projects as it all begun to blend into one and look the same. He was no longer challenged or inspired so he closed shop for a year to experiment on projects that he lacked the time to accomplish during a typical work year.  Stefan says that our lives are typically divided into time periods. The first 25 years of our lives are spent learning, the next 40 years is spent working … [Read more...]

Day 33: Stop waiting for work-life balance. A post inspired by Nigel Marsh’s Ted talk

Day 33 of 365 Days of Ted is all about the age old pursuit of  reaching life-work balance.  Ted speaker Nigel Marsh shares some personal stories from his own life that sent him down a path of discovery about  exactly how one can require that perfect life balance. It's funny how milestone birthdays can make up shake up our lives... or at least want to When Nigel  turned 40 he started to do what we all seem to do when we hit milestone birthdays - we reflect. For most of us this means spending a few weeks on either end of our birthday reevaluating what we are unhappy with and promising ourselves to make significant life changes.  It's kind of like supercharged New Years resolutions. However,   most of us never really take significant action and ultimately end up   back where we started.   This is where Nigel stands out. After the realisation that he worked too much, drank too much and neglected his family, he decided to take a year off … [Read more...]

Day 32: Multitasking vs Monotasking – A post inspired by Paolo Cardini’s Ted talk

multi tasking woman

Continuing on with the 365 Days of Ted Talks productivity theme week, today’s blog post is in response to Paolo Cardini's Ted talk “Forget multitasking, try monotasking.” In this brief 3 minute talk Paolo challenges us to really question whether multitasking is all that it’s cracked up to be and he provides us with an alternative - monotasking. Monotasking vs Multitasking Multitasking simply means doing more than one thing at once.  Monotasking means to just focus on the one single task at hand. I have noticed a trend were people who multitask used to be seen as highly productive people, but nowadays if someone tells you they multitask they are perceived to be overwhelmed and not efficient. It is almost as if they are seen as multitasking out of necessity  as they have not scheduled their time effectively. That’s just my observation, yours might be completely different, and it could very well be based on my own personal … [Read more...]

Day 31: The office is no place to work. Jason Fried’s Tedx talk tells us why we should ditch the office

Do you work in an office. Not a home office, but an office at you your workplace. Do you get loads of work done during the day, or reach 5pm (or whenever you finish) and think s--- I got nothing done today.  Tedx speaker  Jason Fried thinks that we should ditch the office as we are not productive in their anyway and lets us know "why work doesn't happen at work."  Where are you most productive? For 10 years Jason has been asking people this simple question, "Where do you really need to go when you need to get something done?" He found that answers generally fell into three groups 1 . A place or location: This could be a coffee shop, verandah, spare room - any location. 2: A moving object:  Commuting is also a popular location to get work done. 3: Time: Other people worked better at certain hours, such as early morning or late nights. Did you notice that the office was not mentioned in the results. The place were we … [Read more...]

Day 30: Matt Cutts: Try something new for 30 days

Are you wanting to try something new? Perhaps you are looking to take up a new hobby, start a new habit or give one up? What has stopped you starting already? Not enough time? For day 30's blog post I have decided to write a response to a short 3 minute video I recently watched.   Matt Cutt's delivers a Ted talk that teaches us how we can try and achieve something new is a small amount of time . Try something new for 30 days  The premise of his talk was simple - try something new everyday for 30 days.   There's no commitment to stick to that something new once the 30 days is up.    Filmed in 2009 Matt Cutts is responsible for a crazy amount of 30-day challenge around the world.  30 days in enough time to form a new habit without it becoming too overwhelming.  It's also enough time to subtract a habit that you want to get rid of. Who do a 30 day challenge? Trying something new is scary, but giving it a go for 30 days is enough of a … [Read more...]

Day 29: Got a meeting? Take a walk

What if I told you that there was something about you that had the potential to make you sick. I mean really sick. Would you want to know about it?  Ted speaker Nilofer Merchant's Ted talk "Got a meeting? take a walk" delivers a message about the sit-down epidemic sweeping our world. We sit down too much! We spend a lot of time on our behind. We play video games, use the computer and watch television all on our behind. In fact Nilofer says on average we spend 9.5 hours each and every day sitting down.   This can't be good for us! Lack of physical activity increases our risk of diseases such as diabetes and bowel cancer. Despite these real risks of sitting down too much Nilofer says like herself,  most people wont pay attention to the warnings. What eventually made Nilofer address issue of sitting down too much was the social interaction that getting up meant.   One day Nilofer was invited to a meeting but none of the conference rooms … [Read more...]